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Star Wars Lore Rant

Classic Movies - Religious
Wherein an enthusiastic man with a weird accent talks about blasters for 49 minutes.

Manchester Incident Eyewitness: 'Everyone was charging towards the doors' - BBC News

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
At least 20 confirmed dead so far

Star Trek Discovery - Continuity, Timeline, and alteration errors...nothing makes sense!

Classic TV Clips - General Station
William Burns
'Continuity is for losers, which is what apparently we all are, because we're a bunch of losers'

A Cautionary Tale of Overeating

Educational - Fashion
Mother Lumper
That is a plump duck

Time Lapse - Sun Cats

Pets & Animals - General Station
Cats sure enjoy the sun's warming rays.

Defending Trump's Dump

News & Politics
Anderson Pooper cuts through the crap

Trump tries to hold Melania's hand on red carpet in Israel

It does not go as planned.

Film historian discusses the use of farts in a Yasujiro Ozu film

Classic Movies - Educational

MONDAY NIGHT RAW - May 22 2017

Trailers - Arts
betamaxed is going to melt your amygdala

Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters

Pets & Animals - Accidents & Explosions
Albuquerque Halsey
we all float down here

Blood In The Cut

Music Videos - Heavy Metal - Hard Rock
Robin Kestrel


Trailers - Pets & Animals
best movie of the year

Youtube recommended this. Did not watch.

Nature & Places
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Submitting here based on the thumbnail image.

Half in the Bag Episode 126: Alien: Covenant

Classic Movies - Humor
William Burns

Range Rover vs. Igloo

Stunts - Accidents & Explosions
Not really a fair contest.

How to Make a Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny

Educational - Arts
Tried it myself, suprisingly simple, tasty results.

Turning Point USA: Is Bernie Sanders a Nazi?

News & Politics
TPU pours hundreds of thousands into student groups to elect far right candidates to student gov't.

TiTAN - Overdrive 2 (RGB 50fps) - SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis - Revision 2017 (1st Place)

Video Games - Science & Technology
SEGA does what nintendon't

Driver Tries to J-Turn

Accidents & Explosions
The where's waldo of douchebaggery.

Patrick82 is bankrupt

Science & Technology - Religious
Still selling Holy Crystal Treatment, Hyper Crystal Treatment, Ultra Transparent Crystal Treatment.

Sassy Trump: You Can't Let Them Get You Down

News & Politics - Humor
Sassy Trump under the weight of the world.

Throbbing Gristle--Very Friendly

Crime - Educational
Ian Brady...is dead. (RIP seems inappropriate.)

Anti Bullying Film from 1973

Educational - Crime
Rodents of Unusual Size
Sociopaths start at a young age. This was actually shown to me in 4th grade.


Music Videos - Alternative Progressive Indie Art


Music Videos - Alternative Progressive Indie Art

Jack, the cat with the voice

Pets & Animals - Nature & Places
He has some sort of throat condition. It does not stop his meows.

Alex Jones Chobani Apology

News & Politics - Religious
William Burns
Alex Jones apologizes for mischaracterizing Chobani Yogurt

Let Me Be Your Underwear

Music Videos - Electronic Dance Industrial Ambient
Peak gay.

NASA's Van Allen Probes Find Human-Made Bubble Shrouding Earth

Science & Technology - Nature & Places
When you have to look at the channel name to know if internet insanity or not...

Crash at Start of Red Hook Crit

Accidents & Explosions - Sports
Wait for it...

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1982, whole thing)

Classic Movies - Cartoons & Animation
Anime version of the tale of Aladdin [English dub w/ Finnish subs].

A Scene From Ghost Stories

Cartoons & Animation - Pets & Animals
Rodents of Unusual Size
Better without context.

Guy wins car and 10,000 pounds.

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Doesn't seem to care.

80's Ad's: Poison Control Center of Michigan 1988

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements

Let's Visit the World of the Future [1973, NSFW]

Classic Movies - Religious
A travelogue inviting viewers of today to come visit the future.

Fabio: A Time For Romance (complete)

Classic Movies
Yellow Lantern
Various clips have been posted, but here's the whole awful thing.

Red Zone (Part 3)

Music Videos - Misc/Unknown
trance, progressive house, ambient

Roger Ailes Has Died

Classic TV Clips - News & Politics
Born in the RSR
ding dong!

ARISE The Church of the Subgenius Recruitment Video [NSFW]

Classic Movies - Religious
One of the most important videos you may ever watch.

R.I.P. Roger Ailes

Thanks for softening the blow of Chris Cornell, Roger!

RIP Robert Miles

Nature & Places
I don't care much about 90s Eurotrance but if I did, the Tuesday before last would have been rough.

CHRIS CORNELL on surviving the grunge era

RIP Chris Cornell

The Crazy Neon LED Sound Vans of Japan

Science & Technology - Religious
Once again Japan shows us how its done, whatever 'it' is, but it apparently involves vans and lights

The Children's Story

Classic TV Clips - Educational
The TIME: THEY Have Just Conquered Us...

Happy Mother's Day from Super Sentai Gekiranger

Classic TV Clips
Hugo Gorilla
Token female ranger defends the others when they're reduced to infancy.

Best of the Worst: Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper, Black Cougar, and Raw Force

Classic Movies - Humor
The RLM crew & a guest take on a fetish movie, Cameron Mitchell and a no budget superhero film.

Phantom Patriot: An Inside Look

Educational - None
Centennial Ostrich
The 'superhero' who broke into Bohemian Grove

Black Hole Sun

Music Videos - Alternative Progressive Indie Art
Born in the RSR
RIP Cornell

Let my People Come [Club 21, Toronto] (1984)

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
A Musical About Sex

Stitches - The New Look (1984)

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
Targeting the snitch market.

K-Mart Fake Leather Jackets (1984)

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements

Record Theatre - Biggest Record Store in Buffalo (1986)

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements

Star Trek Discovery - trailer

Classic TV Clips - Trailers
The Mass Effect TV show looks good.

To Catch a Predator: Top fFve Funnier Predators

Crime - Horror
John Holmes Motherfucker

Congressman Al Green (D-Houston) Calls for Trump's Impeachment on the House Floor

News & Politics

Star Trek the Motion Picture recut with Tron Legacy soundtrack.

Short Films
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Pretty cool.

Erdo─čan thugs beat, kick protestors

News & Politics
In Washington, DC.

Muscle Motion Chippendales Exercise Video

Fashion - Stunts

AT&T's vision of the future, circa 1993

Advertisements - Educational
what they didn't predict: everything sucks

A Scene from the 1970s Live-Action Saturday Morning Series 'Ark II'

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Binro the Heretic
Where are we going to find poles and cloth out here?

Emoji Movie: Trailer

Cartoons & Animation - Crime
Killer Joe

The Orville Trailer

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements

Vans, Vans, Vans!

Science & Technology - Religious

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