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Raoul Duke 138

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Woman pies herself
05/23/08, 15:04

Oh. I thought that said "Woman Pees Herself".

Two stars because I am simultaneously relieved and disappointed.
05/23/08, 10:33

Yes. This version is awesome-er.
More rocking and awesom-er.
Crazy Frog Bross (Dzieci Neo)
04/26/08, 00:23

Oh, man. Holy Jesus. These kids are fucking great.
Little wife-beater kid has pitch-perfect comic timing, and the spaz in the background has color-man skills that put Flavor-Flav to shame.

Five-iddy-five five five.
I am a dragon and I don't care
04/25/08, 12:14

My old band mates had hit the big-time.
Maybe it was true when they said that I was only holding them back.
It didn't matter that I was the one who started the band. It didn't matter that it used to be about the friendship. The music. The Dragons.
When we stepped out onto the rickety stages in those cinder-block bars, we felt like rock gods. Who cares that the audience was just the same six moms who followed us from show to show. They were our fans, and we played our souls out for them.
I was on top of the world. Then one day I woke up and saw that my world had crumbled while I wasn't looking.
Maybe it was the junk that did me in. Maybe it was middle-school.
Screaming Bo staff kata
04/22/08, 20:49

I want to take you to a gay bar.

Gay bar.

Gay bar.
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
03/02/08, 20:20

Wow. There's a lot of really cool shit happening in this video.
Beat Control
03/02/08, 20:11

These dorks are acting like assholes.
And vice-versa.

Super Dragon
02/06/08, 16:20

ou haven't lived until you've seen independent wrestling in an abandoned steel warehouse in Glassport Pennsylvania at 1:00 on a rainy March night.

You know those areas that give you the creeps when you drive through them at night? Not the bad neighborhoods where Negroes mill on corners, but the industrial areas on the outskirts of towns that lost all their industry in the 1980's. Slag-piles orange under sodium arc lights? Rusting cranes leering over tin-roofed cinder block structures? Sound familiar?

Once a month, one of those block-long asbestos nests plays host to the most bizarre and invigorating spectacles I have ever been a part of.


Why was it illegal? Trespassing.
Someone somehow sets up a ring, a PA, bleachers and concession stands in these warehouses. Without the owner's permission or knowledge.

You can hear the diesel generator chugging and smell the sooty exhaust before you even know where the match is. Many times, that's how you know which old, condemned building you're heading for. Most times, though, you just look for the crowd gathering.
These places don't attract crowds, normally. These burned out and failing spaces usually just serve as a reminder. What used to be here. Where Dad used to work. What this place used to be like.
It's still a reminder. Not a reminder of the way things were, but a harbinger of the way things are and will be. Cold and violent. Uncomfortable, wet, drafty and poisoned. Dying or already dead.

That's why we were there.

It wasn't about watching clumsy brawlers in home-made costumes brutalizing each other. It was about confronting our own desperation. Seeing where we were headed and trying to get used to it.
b girls
01/30/08, 08:12

Don't front on the Nova, Judy.
Fucking Skeezer.
Charlie Bit Me
01/25/08, 11:00

5'd for the "GARMP" sound Charlie makes when he bites his brothers hand at the beginning of the clip.
The Tiddy Bear
01/21/08, 00:00

Car-seat Kid is all like "The fuck is this thing? Why won't you look at me?"
The Official Look Who's Talking T-Shirt
01/20/08, 23:53

Oh, wait. Just read the tags.
Don't mind me, I'm just drunk.
The Official Look Who's Talking T-Shirt
01/20/08, 23:52

That kid looks just like the little boy from Pet Sematary. Gage or Gauge or Gayge or whatever. So much so, in fact, that I am certain it is him.

Also, who appraised the value of Mikey's autograph at $6.95? Regardless, I think it's accurate.

Also also. Mom has some nice wide hips. I like that.
Kenny vs Spenny: The Biggest Fart Ever
11/22/07, 00:19

Congratulations, Poe. I am now broken.
I will never find anything, for the rest of my life, as funny as this clip.
A fart clip.
Thank God I was Raped
11/16/07, 09:06

Thank God all this shit happened to you assholes and not me. Whew!
Faith No More - I Started a Joke
11/14/07, 14:16

He does. Mike is the singer just leaving the stage as the video is begining.

Also, One Billion stars.
Kid gets hit with giant ball
10/22/07, 14:27

Are you kidding me? Camo guy is having the time of his life. I love camo guy.
10/19/07, 11:01

This actress is director Stuart Gordon's wife. So, you know...there you have it.
Police Chase from Montana
09/19/07, 13:52

Not to nit-pick, but the two cars looked to be about 30 feet apart. Shooting from that distance, through smoke? 12 gauge buckshot would be perfect.
An angry scottish man reviews God Hand
09/13/07, 07:37

Pear-vearts, howma-sexshals, feh-shit-ists, wresling galilas, medgits, and chiwawas.

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