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Baby Finster

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Remember your protective eyewear
Disk drop
Balzac + Balzac Brat commercial
$100 Note Unveiling video from the Federal Reserve
Pee-wee gets an iPad
1973 Monday Night Football Intro
What REALLY happened between Leno and Conan
Flavor Flav Autotune
Bayonetta - opening Graveyard Scene
New Year Greeting from 1949!
Setting up Your RealTouch
Rebok Boob Commercial
Interzone - The Cantina
Star Wars - Obi Wan Reveals How He Really Feels About Mos Eisley
Juggalo face painting 101
Let's Crack Open The Big Egg
Gutsman's Ass!
Controversial Israeli Cellphone Commerical
Orly Taitz and Alan Keyes look foolish on Lou Dobbs Tonight.
Deadly Weapons - Gas tank Myth
Radio Station UVB-76 (The Buzzer)
Squirrel Vs. Snake
The ole 'airbag under a couch cushion' prank
The Starlost
Neckline Slimmer
THX 1138 --beating a hologram
Women's Studies class discusses Donkey Punching
Tragedy in the Hornby Island Bald Eagle Nest
Auto-tune the News #3
hit in head with rock
Russian Style of Fighting
Rob Liefeld Levi's Commercial
One way to brighten up the subway
Stunning realism from GTA IV
Obama reads to you from 'Where the Wild Things Are'
Talking Fast in Slow Motion
The State -- Fast Food
Herpes medication: side effects
FAT hits
Dubbed Hentai (SFW)
I'm a Boinger
Kenneth from 30 Rock sings 'Top That' from Teen Witch.
Grocery Stores Closed!
very close airplane takeoff
Coldplay Sued for Plagarism by Joe Satriani
The Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Ownership
12 year old girl wins the Gringo Warrior Challenge
Buildings and Mountains
Menu Screen from Pirated Chinese Simpsons Movie DVD
Emergency Warning For Office Workers
Frog being Fed to Piranhas
'An American Carol' trailer
I love you Cheetos
Blood Freak Scream
I Got a Thing
The Shia LaBeouf School of Acting
American Dad - Ollie North
Hamster Vacuum
Elite Team Fighting
Night on Bald Mountain - Black Sabbath
Making of the computer graphics for 'Star Wars'
The Prevent-It.ca Collection
Ghost in the Shell: Tank Fight
1978 Great House Of Guitars commercial with The Ramones
Brenda Dickson welcomes you to her home
Fatty bump firing a Beretta
David Carradine dodges bullets
AIDS gay awareness
Crysis - Mass Physics
Stray Dog with a Head Injury (Bobby)
Reporter electrocuted live on Brazilian TV
Ignis Solus
The Japanese Tradition-Shazai
Grasshopper Mouse versus Scorpion
High Tech Noon
Da Shatner Funk
SUPER PRESIDENT! (opening credits)
Angel Cop Condensed
The Drinky Crow Show - Part 1
The Drinky Crow Show - Part 2
The Simpsons - Ned Flanders, Creationist
Rifftrax with Mike Nelson - Daredevil
Army Of One Parody
Borat's Sexydrownwatch (borderline NSFW)
The Candiru Fish
Knock Knock
You're Finished, You Fool! (OH NO)
1970 Salem Cigarettes Commercial
Sleepy Two-Toed Baby Sloth Wakes Up
Threads: the Sheffield attack
The End of the Show
Six Million Dollar Man intro
I learned it from watching you...
Airplane: Jive Talking Scene
Learn to Speak Body: Tape 5
Team America - I'm So Ronery

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