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Tim Minchin - Storm
Under Cover Penis Lover
Video Stroboscopy of the Vocal Cords
Fattest Spider Monkey
Natalija Gros does some climbing
How to skank
Razor Clams
How to freebase caffeine
Dream A Little Dream of Me (on ukulele)
Freestyle Skateboarding
Barack Obama Gold Collector's Plate Commercial (version 2)
Booty Dancing to an Art Bell song
Light Paint Piano Player
Destructoid Review of Saints Row 2
Supersonic Accident
Girl Cuddles with a Cat
The Honorable James David Manning's Fierce Prayer for Bristol Palin
The Device has been Modified
Helium superfluid in action
Kangaroo gets hit by racecar
Mythbusters paint Mona Lisa in 80ms with a paintball gun
A response to Lil J from Lil S
Saturn V - S-1C Stage Testing
Saturn V Launch Views - High Speed Cams
Komodo dragon eats a live deer
Large Hadron Collider Rap
Cannibal: The Musical
United States of GENTLEMEN
Oobleck on a metal sheet on top of a subwoofer
This isn't how you're supposed to Ghost Ride the Whip
Boxing Cat
Target Women: Yogurt
Louise the Dancing Cockatoo
A beagle is confused by jingle cats
Juggling Otter
Marines Ghost Ride the MRAP
Tourettes Camp (Full Documentary)
Musical Marine Animals
Guy takes a shot to the nuts for 'science'
Hottie dances with five golden hula hoops
An unusual take on spinnaz
This snake will not bite Steve Irwin
Armed robber severely beaten by women at a beauty school
USMC Sniper Training Video
Ahmadinejad at Columbia University
The military industrial complex is AWESOME.
Bellydancing to a Darbuka's rhythms
Base Jumping in Norway
Will it Blend - Returning the Camera
Alive in Joburg
Microsoft Surface Parody
We Wish the 33 VT Victims Were 33,000
Richard Dawkins on the Oreilly Factor
Dan Osman jumps off a bunch of cliffs, and climbs up other cliffs without protective equipment.
300 made PG
Paula Zahn gets trolled by GNAA
A man rides in on a unicycle and plays a digeridoo for some strangers
Beatboxing flute: Inspector Gadget remix
Weapons-grade Robosapien; "CoilOsapien"
Richard Dawkins on Paula Zahn Now
Paula Zahn Atheism Controversy Panel After Dawkins Interview
Paula Zahn hosts a discussion regarding atheist discrimination for CNN
Bjork - I Miss You
Clubbing Baby Harp Seals
Super Size Me (with whiskey!)
Waves in a Large Free Sphere of Water
Woman tasered at a protest
Delta II rocket explodes seconds after launch
Dan Osman free solo climbing a 400+ foot route in less than 4m 30s
The Ultimate Collectible
Olbermann demands an end to Bush's lies
Futuristic Sex Robotz - Don't Make Us Kick Your Ass
Jesus Camp trailer
Clinton Curtis' testimony in Ohio regarding the hacking of electronic votes
The Right Hook
DJ Aqeel - Are Diwano
Knife Skills
3.2 million firecrackers, one fuse
Fake American Soldier Explains the Iraq War
Ladoo Shop
Flexible Girl
Seeed - Dancehall Caballeros
Seeed - Music Monks
Seeed - Schwinger
Still Tippin' (Screwed and Chopped remix)
Drunk Animals
Best Crunch Sound
Michelle Malkin is a caring person

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