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Hopper History
Freakazoid - Quantum Freak
Diabolical Biz Markie
Ninja Dragon
Prime Computer ad
Homer Simpson - Guy Incognito
Animaniacs - The Ballad of Magellan
Deer Attack!
Mr Rogers.... on games.
Iraqi Firefight - Resistance Point-of-View
The Snowman
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Opening
Walking, flying insect drone
The Railrodder
1966 Captain America cartoon intro
Crocop vs. Fedor highlights
Totally brainwashing motivational video
Dog Police
Trading Spouses - God Warrior
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Italian Theme)
Buddy Holly & the Crickets perform "Oh Boy"
Periods 101
The Original Burger King
Classic 70's McDonalds Fish & Fries Commercial
Den Harrow - Future Brain
Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas
I Love Trash (1969)
1979 Plastic Man cartoon intro
The Daily Show - New York City Councilman Attacks Reporter
Ruth and Jeeves - Meow
Skeletor's Dentist
Popee the Performer - Hypnotism
The Bean Effect
The Warriors - Opening Montage
blue cheer - summertime blues
Guitar Greats on French and Saunders
David Attenborough - Termites (resubmit)
THE scene from Scanners
Polysics - Kaja Kaja Goo
Whoops Apocalypse!: THe Johnny Cyclops Re-Election Commitee
Withnail & I - The Penrith Tea Rooms
Streamline Pictures Trailer
Oilers vs. Stars - Patrick Stefan Misses the Empty Net
Ping-Pong-Club Episode 1 part1
Emerald Nuts - Robert Goulet
The Scary Door - The Gambler
Animatronic FX work from Walking With Dinosaurs
Village People - Sex Over the Phone
Japanese Commericals
Andy Warhol eats a hamburger

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