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Aubrey McFate

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Babies eating lemons.
Da Shatner Funk
Guided By Voices- Drinker's Peace
Internet Dream
Mass Effect E3 2007 Trailer
FOX 11 Investigates: 'Hacker Gangs'
Hand Fart musician plays Take On Me
Bruce Lee's "Green Hornet" Screen Test
Idiot With A Match vs Gasoline Vapour
World record trampoline jump
Furby in a Microwave
Mr Scruff - "Sweet Smoke"
Me and the Big Guy
Office gesture
Axefight: Indian Princess vs Old Pioneer
Richard Pryor on Prison
The Simpsons - Hank Scorpio
Magical Maestro
Familjen - Hog Luft
Surfing a tidal wave
The Evolution Control Comittee -Rocked By Rape-
Long Island Gamers
Excel Saga - Excel goes to America
Groucho Marx skit from Animal Crackers
Salvador Dali on "What's My Line?"
Human slinky
"Thriller" as performed by inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center
Generation Chickenhawk
Moog Balls
Earthworm Jim intro
Never Gonna Give You Up covered by Tay Zonday
Another Response To The Al-Jazeera English Poll
The Fly (1958) - Help me! Help me!
Milgram experiment
Fox news calls Mr. Rogers "evil"
A Chipmunk Christmas: slow speed
Guinea pigs FLOOD! meal time
Beggin - Frankie Valli Video Remix by Cyriak
The amazing flying kitty!
Rifftrax-Fantastic Four
Wolf the Animated Feature short film
Eddy Grant - "Electric Avenue"
John Lovitz in opening scene of Todd Solondz' "Happiness"
Badi: The Turkish E.T.
"...and her skin fell off!"
The Zombies - She's Not There
Fanimecon 2006
Net_work: Dreamz
Eddie Izzard- Covered in Bees!
Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss
Japanese Tire Ski Jump Challenge!
The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart
SNL - Sloths
Handicapped Dance Battle
Jaguar TV Adverts
Sora, Donald, and Goofy
Freakazoid - Freakazoid Goes to the Hospital
the replacements - merry go round
Chocolate Rain
disposable heroes of hiphoprisy - television the drug of the nation
Rakugaki Showtime introduction.
American Inventor - Pet Petter
Pugs and Donuts
Adventures of Pete and Pete: Intro
Cautionary Tales of Swords
Strangers With Candy - Principal Blackman's racism video
Tapeheads - Roscoe's Chicken 'n Waffles Rap
Hamster, Piano, and Popcorn
Metalocalypse: Dr. Rockso
Deflating owl
Ken Ham versus a retard
Ventrilo Harassment - World of Warcraft Nerd Returns
Pom Poko (clip)
Flatland: The Movie
Backstage at the Colbert Report
Johnny Quest: The Real Adventures opening
Johnny Quest - original opening
Re: Message for Flamers
Britney Spears - Toxic
Mushroom Samba (pt.1)
If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? - WHY YOU STEEWPID LITTLE FOO!
Scarborough Country Attacks Bill O'Reilly
Fat Black Woman VS Skinny Black Man
Glenn Beck asks his guest for naked photos
Newscaster Bloopers
Ali G talks with Pat Buchanan
Batman Tries to Get Rid of a Bomb
(Alternate) Dynasty TV Intro
E.T. - Atari 2600
(Ultimate) Warrior defends steroid usage on Fox News
Oingo Boingo - Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me
Soundwave: The Touch
Universal Healthcare: the Jihadists' Secret Weapon
Cheese Quest (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)
Net_work: Previously On
Battles - Atlas
O. G. Readmore suggests 6 year olds read Moby Dick
Elephant Charge

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