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Aubrey McFate

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Hopper History
Farting Streaker on the News
Mentally Handicapped McDonalds Commercial
Unskippable; Dead Rising
Cat uses toddlers head as a bongo
Are you ready to die for your faith?
Earthbound - Giygas Battle
Portal Credits: Still Alive song
Weatherman Likes Breasts
Duck Tales Spoof
One Hundred NES Games in Ten Minutes
Delicious Sandwich
Eternal Darkness - Max Goes Insane
Oprah's Vajayjay and the Hamster that lived in it
Kellie Pickler on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader
Ferrets playing in the snow
Cockatiel sings Jingle Bells
Family Guy - Prom Night Dumpster Baby
Star Wars: The Aardman Version
Man freaks out about his laptop
Dramatic news report
John Safran vs. God - Atheists
Most frightening prelude ever
Team Fortress 2 Taunts
It Won't Cum Out
Coupling - Lesbian Spank Inferno
Olde English - Gym Class
David Hasselhoff - "Hooked on a Feeling"
Tom Goes To The Mayor - Handshake
We Didn't Start the Fire
Wolfenstein 3D Director's Commentary with John Carmack
Mr. Rogers Goodbye
9 Minutes and 52 Seconds of Biz Markie Saying 'Oh Snap!' from Just a Friend
Tell me, Fox News, how can I identify a Chinese man?
Naked man on a minibike.
Painfully Awkward Girl Describes Her Perfect Man
Matt Berry fakes chivalry to kick a dog
Party for Two furry
Jonny Quest - Time is Running Out
Hambone Brothers
TF2 - How to play the Pyro
Marx set to clips of Cartoons.
Brain scene from Hannibal
World's Smallest Machine Gun
Joe Boxer Christmas Ad
Cat and Ninja Chipmunk
Worf Channels John Belushi
Adam & Eve Hair Replacement Center
Howard The Duck - 'Se-duck-tion'
"Two Legs Standing"
Goat Sniper
Classic Sesame Street - Rebel L
Moment of Zen: Abort Every Black Baby
Quarterlife Trailer
Sword of Doom - doh attack
Men and women's version of ugly women
I wanted vanilla twist!
Swearing Parrot
Seinfeld flips out on Larry King
Some Gratuitous Violence From Invasion USA
Ferret Commercial
30 Rock - Family Therapy
Cat is flabbergasted
Moment of Zen: Let Me Talk!
Sonic Says: Peer Pressure
It's Called Tic Tac Toe
Clotex tampons
Kent cigarette commercial
Mitchell - Buzz off!
2girls1cup reaction - my whole family
Yo Gabba Gabba- PICK IT UP
Sprockets - Germany's Most Disturbing Home Videos
I Need a Mommy
The Wire - Senator Clay Davis says his catch phrase
Kolchak - Baloney
The Tiddy Bear
Dating Tips with Worf
The Daily Show- Slimming Down with Steve (Step One)
Primal Rage Fatalities
My Little Dashie - The Movie
Jay-Z Denton
Lady & Fella - I Need
Anderson Cooper thinks you should be less judgmental.
Parks and Recreation - Jerry's Murinal
The Critic - S1E03 - Dial 'M' For Mother
Sleeping Muscle Wrestler
BibleDragons Episode 1
Roman Candle Headshot
Japanese Milk Commercial
Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 2
iDump4u.com: Santa gives a holiday dumping.
Holy Crap! RUN!
Wolf: The Animated Feature DYNAMIC CLOSE-UP
The Peanut Vendor
Internet Computer
Sarah Donner & The Oatmeal - Pterodactyl

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