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A Jumping Spider!

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Defensive frog
11/06/07, 01:48

oh dear god a defensive screaming frog.
The Story of Job
11/04/07, 23:42

Don't worry about the SA connection, it's pretty alright on it's own.
Zero Punctuation - Medal of Honor: Airborne
11/03/07, 22:05

This is all especially hilarious if you know any number of redneck nerds who are totally in love with these games and use them as their primary source of information whenever it comes to anything and everything having to do with WW2.
Rabbit assaults cat
11/02/07, 07:52

NO no no kitty just wanted to play oh god why NO
Jumping spider vs. Mouse pointer
11/02/07, 07:49


Zero Punctuation - Super Paper Mario
10/30/07, 19:30

This one just wasn't as good as some of the others...
Patton Oswalt - Christmas Shoes
10/25/07, 08:39

I've never heard this song before, but now that I've watched this, there will be no escaping it for the next few months. This is what will happen. This is how things work.
Kevin Smith Discusses Superman
10/24/07, 03:24

I'm happy that the replacement video still has subtitles.
Duke Nukem harassment over Ventrilo
10/24/07, 03:22

Yeah, sorry. I accidentally submitted the crap version before I realized what I was doing. The one currently up to replace it should work properly.
Girl attempts to eat a tablespoon of Cinnamon
10/24/07, 03:19

She didn't shove a tablespoon in her mouth, she dumped it down her throat. Why would you do that with anything?
Christopher Judge learns about furries.
10/19/07, 21:05

The laughter after "Why can't a kid (...)" is great.
Bananas VS Cats
10/16/07, 01:55

I enjoy kitty's dramatic backslide at -0:16

A looped gif of the TRIO OF TERROR afterwards would please me further.
Snapping turtle climbs fence.
10/15/07, 22:43

poeTV has taught me that turtles are damn persistent
10/12/07, 23:36

I thought we were rating videos, here.
Transformers: Headmasters - The Most Cliched Anime Subplot Ever.
10/09/07, 18:50

"It's really incredible, isn't it... Little boy..."

Fat Mexican kid falls off bridge.
10/06/07, 01:53

Apparently this video got so popular, both kids ended up doing a commercial based on it:

GTA: San Andreas - Return of the Lucky Star Massacre
10/02/07, 23:49

I appreciate the utter ridiculousness contained within and will never apologize for rating it thus
Woman flips car in parking lot
09/30/07, 23:37

I almost submitted this once, but I just could not believe anyone could drive that badly.

I seem to remember the guy running to the driver's side window afterwards.
Boston Dynamics' LittleDog
09/29/07, 00:25

An adorable cross between panther, frog and dirt devil. Go little guy!
Roof Jumper Misses
09/24/07, 04:18

Short and sweet tag! Come on! Let's get this party started!

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