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Thumbelina, world's smallest horse
08/02/08, 17:03

Poor critter has no safe corner to relax in. No wonder she's overstressed.

And these dwarf horses are plagued with health problems.
KITH--Screw You Taxpayer!
06/26/08, 09:57

Until you die waiting in line for non-elective surgery, that is. For routine complaints, the best way to see a doctor quickly up here is to go to an after-hours clinic, but be there to sign up on the waitlist before it opens.
Wildfire Cartoon
05/21/08, 01:18

Minus two for the shitty gallop cycle with the incredible unbending fetlocks. Hanna-Barbera, you can do better than that!
Fox weatherman loses it over dogs humping
05/21/08, 01:11

What? That just looks like an average day in Zealand, N.B.
S.S. Schadenfreude
05/08/08, 01:19

Maybe the fact that they had about three inches of freeboard when they were starting out should have given them a clue?
Bakshi's Spiderman: Revolt in the Fifth Dimension
05/07/08, 03:45

And they re-used the storyboards and much of the animation for a Rocket Robin Hood episode.
Kissyfur - Intro and end credits
05/07/08, 03:37

"Kissyfur" always sounded like it should be the title of a training film for junior lesbians.
Horse drawn carrage wedding photo shoot interupted
04/27/08, 00:18

Yeah, I'll sure hire these clowns for a wedding. If you can't keep a stallion under control, don't own one.
04/24/08, 22:39

It's Bubblejaw!
Dead Like Me - Linecutting
04/21/08, 03:42

The spirit of Everett True lives.
The Flying Nun
01/29/08, 22:08

I can remember when this was being broadcast. Yes, that dates me.
Meredith's Performance Art
01/29/08, 17:46

And these kiddies will be begging for an NEA grant soon enough. Your tax dollars at work. Scary.
Foie Gras - Sad but delicious
01/19/08, 22:19

The ducks and geese don't seem to struggle THAT much during the actual feeding process. I'm not sure if it's learned helplessness or conditioning.
Two cats are fighting
12/29/07, 23:48

So, when does the "Xtreme Cat Fight" DVD come out?
Return to Oz- the Wheelers
12/25/07, 00:19

Those actors had to be outstanding athletes to carry that off.
Clip from the Hugga Bunch Movie
12/25/07, 00:15

Oh shucky-darn, never a dead grasshopper exploding into a writhing mass of horsehair worms when you need it.
Horse plays with a ball
11/28/07, 17:52

Yay for horses!
Knut the little coati and his obstrusive family
10/13/07, 16:28

Coatis are cute, and can be kept as pets, but it takes a certain dedicated person to live with them them as they are the very incarnation of the phrase "innocently destructive."
A Gentlemen's Duel
09/16/07, 23:18

The last part is hilarious.
Japanese Potty Training
07/11/06, 22:52

OK, this confirms they can sell any damn thing in Japan if it's cute.


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