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Fox news about gas prices in 2008
Porn Star a middle school teacher
the old 'Diesel Train Air Horn in the Car' prank
Body Works
Family Guy Porn Parody Trailer
Cancer is a Fungus and curable with Baking Soda
Flight of the Bumblebee (performed on slide whistle)
Skweezy drops the truth siren about Kony 2012
Steve Forbes Eats a Cheeseburger. 1996 presidential campaign
Japanese Game Show - Toy Story Edition
Meanwhile in Poland
30 Stranded Dolphins Saved by Beach Folk
H&K Special Case MP5
Overweight guy asks the internet for help
Breitbart: I Have Obama College Films
Andrew Breitbart is Dead at 43
Avengers Assemble - Trailer (2012)
Funniest reaction to hospital drugs for a broken arm
Day 1: Sexual Harassment on Cross Assault
I wish my forearms AND arms were LONGER!
Best Liquid-Plumr commercial ever
The IT Crowd - Jen Presents the Internet
Gangstalker calls his mental hospital.
Klenginem - SuvwI'pu' qan tu'lu'be OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
Obama thanks Satan
Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer
Stereo Skifcha
Batman: The Brave & The Bold - Roast of Batman
Introducing the Chocolate Wonderfall
A cat goes through a cat door.
Tragic Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Crash
Idiot rollerblader almost dies
Sit On You - Backwards!
Girl Scouts promote Homosexual Lifestyles & Abortion.
Wingsuit Basejumping
The Comedy - In The Cab
Batman yells at people in Toronto
The Sex Life of Robots
Shithoused Kung-Fu Master
Chris Jericho - Man of 1004 Opponents
Donald would like to show you his leg.
Pixar's Black Friday: The rejected Toy Story pitch that almost killed the studio
Vader Mask Removal - Blu-Ray Edition
'Beyond the Black Rainbow' trailer
Another lucha fan messing with la parka
Temporary Disconnect
English Bus Driver Hits Bicyclist
Bear cub and Wolf cub bff
Festival Tent Removal
Russian woman twirls swords to Nerevar Rising
How to turn off a crappy lawnmower
Solar Activity
Giant Gummy Bear Vs. Potassium Chloride
Why I don't vaccinate
This guy runs a Super PAC for Santorum
B-52 Carpet Bombing
Fox News' Liz Trotta on women raped in military: 'What did they expect?'
The Book of Sith
Father Ted is a racist now.
Fear is a Efficient Tool of Management
New Ron Paul Campaign Ad
Andrew Breitbart loses his poo-poo in front of CPAC protestors.
Patrick Stewart 8-finger tapping on electric fan
Hotdog eats a Batman
Ron Paul on honest rape
Adventure Time - Dad's Dungeon
'Act of Valor' Superbowl Commercial
many, many ducks
It's Halftime America
Method Man - World Gone Sour
How not to use the breakdown lane
News bloopers - arachnophobic Anchorwoman
Jurassic Park Theme Song (Melodica Cover)
Occupy Miami Broken Down by Police
New Old Spice ad: 'Vending Machine'
Sun News Network Involved in Fake Citizenship Ceremony
h.a.a.r.p. in smurfsville 1 weather control cartoon
Lockheed Air and Missle Defense Radar
Game Center CX 12 - Takeshi's Castle
This Is Aperture
Liam Neeson records his first fan's voicemail message
Shit Ron Paul Supporters Say
Just Released: New Footage of Japan Tsunami
Honda's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial
How Whirlpool made Benton Harbor, MI 90% in poverty
Muppets Strike Back at Fox News
Hamster powered submarine
Three Boston Terriers, One Rope
NewsHit - Rock the Caucuses
The Return of Don't Put That in the Microwave
Maynard James Keenan Signs Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Pledge
Rexella Van Impe explains the rapture
Dear Esther (2012) - trailer
Dumb Moments In Organized Gang Stalking
Grassy Hill Aquarium

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