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Liquid Television - Nietzsche Pops
11/04/06, 18:27

When you stare into the empty box, the box also stares into you.
Welsh Corgi just... being.
10/30/06, 21:36

You Cannot Fart Around With Love
10/28/06, 14:33

This is beauty.
The "I Sort Glass" Commercial
10/10/06, 23:52

If we're going to hell for laughing at this, I suggest we start organizing the party down there.
Olbermann demands an end to Bush's lies
10/07/06, 00:34

Can we clone him and give him to every news channel? Please?
Jai Bajrang Bali (1976 Trailer)
08/12/06, 06:58

Ravana is the greatest mythological figure ever. Oh how I love India.
Psycho complains to city about "rogue helicopter pilot"
08/12/06, 06:51

People like this are even more fun in person. I love them so.
Bump keys
08/08/06, 07:28

Absolutely incredible. Time to see about investing in biometrics.
Colbert Smashes Today Show And Good Morning America
08/01/06, 23:21

It's sad that I have to watch a comedy network for real news anymore.
Hard Hitting Democrat Ad
08/01/06, 23:15

Why the hell are we not seeing more of this?
07/29/06, 23:46

Heemeyer is an inspiration. Little people can do things to change the world.
Mrs. World beauty pageant catastrophe
07/27/06, 00:06

Oh my god, this is beautiful beyond words.
Japanese Potty Training
07/11/06, 22:09

Dammit, Japan, why must you make everything creepy?
Stanford Prison Experiment
07/10/06, 22:55

Absolutely amazing.
Lordi - Blood Red Sandman
07/05/06, 01:41

Lordi is so awesome that it cannot be expressed in mere words, only in their own music.

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