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"Little Boy Eaten By a Horse" Scene from Brothers Grimm
Me and My Llama
Turkmenistan Pledge of Allegiance
Fantasy Island intro
Citizen Kane - Tha Remix
Trailer for "DARKON": A LARP Documentary
Sylvia Browne screws up AGAIN
Baby Wild Boars
Tigger slugs kid
Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage
Big Train - Jockeys
Metal Gear Solid 3: Alternate Ending
Ultimate Warrior for Slim Jims
Orville Redenbacher rev. 2007
Police Squad - Johnny the shoeshine and Dick Clark
God is like a toothache?
SNL - Bathroom Monkey
Scuba-diving cat
Lord Buckley on Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life"
Chiranjeevi tractor fight
Scene from The Apple
The things we do for love
Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard
Autistic Pride Day Music Video (Their anthem?)
Arrested Development - Franklin
Tom Waits is Cute
Iron Man '67 Cartoon Intro
Marvin Gaye - The Star Spangled Banner
Ashlee Simpson booed at Orange Bowl
Caroline Marcil - National Anthem
Chris "Jim" Everett on the Jim Rome Show
Dexter and Compuetress get Mandark
elvis costello SNL - radio radio
Double Dare "Wine-making" Physical Challenge
Canal+ ad for March of the Penguins
Tears of the Black Tiger Trailer
King of the Hill - The original pitch
Olivia Newton John and ELO - Xanadu
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Italian Theme)
Big Trouble in Little China - Wedding Fight
Onkar Judge Auditions
Lord of the Rings - "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way!"
Team Chip Tae Kwon Do Center
Star Virgin clip
The Devil's Sword - Trailer
Perfect Strangers - Opening Sequence
Crocop vs. Fedor highlights
Zero-G Dog
Cuppycake Song
Supersonic Man
Rick Mercer - Talking To Americans
VD is for Everybody!! - PSA
Why people think Americans are stupid
Hynkel's speech from The Great Dictator
Dog Police
1958 Edsel commercial
King Tiger
Paula Abdul is a mess.
Mel Blanc on the Tonight Show
Ed Ames Tomahawk Toss on The Tonight Show
Realistic Robot Woman
Crab vs Pipe
Oilers vs. Stars - Patrick Stefan Misses the Empty Net
Andre, Heart of the Giant
8-bit Reenactment of D&D
Mr. Wong Ep. 3
Mr. Wong Ep. 2
Mr. Wong Ep. 1
Glutes Workout Video
Don't Let Klingons send Americans to war
Mason Williams- Classical Gas
Marathon Man - "Is It Safe?"
Thomas Pynchon's second Simpsons appearance
I Love Trash (1969)
Stripperella - Cartoon Intro
F**K You, Baltimore!
Nicolas Cage In The Wicker Man
Host of "Cheaters" gets stabbed
Black Belt Jones - Intro
Spiderman Theme
Black Belt Jones - Midnight Dojo Battle
Marvel Theme Songs
good vibrations
Knight Rider Japanese opening
Venture Bros: The Return of 21 and 24 (Resubmit)
Bruce Campbell Old Spice commercial
Old Spice ad with Bruce Campbell
Dick Clark - New Year's Ball Drop 2006/2007
Elizabeth Smart vs. Nancy Grace
Commodore Vic20 commercial
Atari 2600 Yars Revenge Commercial
Atari 2600 Centipede comercial
The Muppet Show -Coconut
20/20 - Mindless Eating
A new car for her birthday
Ghost Busters opening
About Fallout
Megatron cosplay

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