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Johnny Madhouse

Suspension through: 0000-00-00
You should be able to leave something without destroying it. That is unless you are a child.
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Hopper History
Party in the B.I.G
Russian Dude Barely Makes It
Cool urban cardboard animation.
Japanese Little Red Riding Hood Ad(it's a dupe, my bad)
Green Porno - Preying Mantis
You really must enjoy Eminem in the original Klingon
Ertu Svangur?
Stephen Hawking discusses his stint on 'The Simpsons'
West Indies Calling (1944)
Lots of kids getting hurt.
Bear Buys Some Beer, Teleports
Bill O'Reilly Comes out of the Closet
Time Travel Mishap: The college years
a dog floats and it's happy about it
Armadillo Cam
Teen from gay exorcism on Tyra Banks show
This is what the British seem to like.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk at the Zoo
Worst 'X has Talent in America' performance ever
'US Govt May Fail In 5 To 10 Years'
The Vagina
Pixar intro
Heene Neighbor Fights With Media
Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected' (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)
How To Shoot an Anvil 200 Feet in the Air
Tom Lehrer - I Hold Your Hand In Mine
City Block Blown up by Propane
We Didn't Start The Flame War
potholer54 - More Golden Crocoduck nominees for 2009
Batman looses his head
College Football Punch-ining
North Korean TV Ad - Ginseng
Dr. Frank Ruehl: Potato & Straw Physics Experiment
Dead Calm - The Flaregun Scene
Lilo and Stich Weight Gain
Bills cornerback has alot on his mind.
The Adventures of the American Rabbit
Magnifying glass
Single Ladies (Origanl Dance)
Colbert/Steele - The Rap Battle
Cow sex....whoops
A bad-ass larp.
Help!- It's a fiendish thingy
First youtube result for the query 'Bacon Porn'
Brutal Motorcycle Crash In The Dunes
Charlie Chaplin is a God Among Men
Dans La Tete
Chewin' The Fat - Just Started Masturbating
The Bible Told Me So
Cormac McCarthy's The Road: Never Killed a Man
Woman Beats Man in Singapore
Horse in a pool
The Bed-Sitting Room (trailer)
That Woman Just Owned You (slightly NSFW in-movie movie & language)
J.S. Bach - Crab Canon on a Möbius Strip
The most commented-upon YouTube video
Bukowski - 'Bluebird'
An affectionate bobcat
A Black Stallion fantasy. No, not that one...
Mitchell and Webb - Scarecrow
The french know how to shop in style.
The Case for the Creator
Fun Fun Happy Station
Never Forget 9/11
sod-busting, punk rock style
'Help! There's a bear loose in my apartment.'
Red Green Show - Ranger Gord's 'Be Prepared'
Serena Williams loses match point with grace
Liam Neeson will come to your house and shoot your wife.
Eek! the Cat: Eek! Goes to the Hot Spot
How a construction crane is erected
Americans observing 9/11 by trying not to masturbate
Ballard Bridge Jump 2009
Eight minutes of Chinese people screaming and hitting things with sticks.
parakeet love down
Kidnapping caught on tape
WALL-E deleted scene: Garbage Airlock
An Appointment with Dr. Rape-Murder
LARP - Live Avatar Role Playing
Let's get properly creepy on the olympics
For the record- Revolution 101
Coulter Mocks Ted Kennedy, Anderson Cooper at CPAC
Meet CeDell Davis
Racist Joke
Hyenas Greet Each Other, Laugh
Kraftwerk used at Kids' dance recital
Woodhouse Toads Screaming
Wolf Spider Covered in Infants
Mormon Crickets Swarming
The Last Flea Circus
Passing the Buck....to SAVINGS!!!
Penis Pants Modeled on Madrid Runway
Turn The Tub Around

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