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C. Eloi Marx

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The Wiz - You Can't Win
11/04/07, 10:14

Why would you have Michael Jackson do a number in a musical and not let the man dance in it, seriously, it's Michael Jackson.
Top Gear: Peel P50
11/02/07, 20:35

I think a modern version of this should be like a coupe version of a Superkart. Then it could be small, practical, and able to post a lap of the Hockenheimring comparable to a DTM car.
Firefighters lift car with water
10/19/07, 15:31

A bunch of Fire-fighters took hoses, pumps and water and acheived in a few hours what the Moller Skycar hasn't in decades; and it looks safer and more practical too. Ladies and gentlemen, the flying car is here.
Tone-Deaf Lady Artistically Reinterprets Star Wars
10/12/07, 22:11

Her mime/dance may have been worse than her trumpeting, but it certainly wasn't as offensive.
Cautionary Tales of Swords - Episode #4
10/03/07, 17:55

I had to stop the video when the accident happened, just so I could catch my breath from laughing.
10/02/07, 16:26

Mr. Burgess sounds angry enough to accomplish superhuman feats of strength or give himself psionic powers. He's at least angry enough to shoot blood from his eyes.
F1 - Massa vs. Kubica at Fuji 2007
09/30/07, 13:18

Clip 2 is the full battle from the on-board camera on Massa's car.
Machete trailer
09/20/07, 00:26

To clarify my non-position on your query, I'll just say: Chet's site, Chet's rules, I just follow them.
Machete trailer
09/20/07, 00:14

The official rule on this site regarding nudity is "1. No NotSafeForWork videos. No prolonged nudity, sex, or death videos. Language does not make a clip NSFW.", saying that their is nudity in the description is just common courtesy (for those searching for bad wank material).
Redneck talks ish to COPS
09/19/07, 11:26

The suspect looks like Danny Trejo with a buzz-cut. I'm surprised that he wasn't wearing a leather vest lined with throwing-knives.
Kerry questioner gets tasered
09/18/07, 15:13

Actually, Tim Russert on Meet the Press asked both Kerry and Bush whether they were Bonesmen ; both ducked the question.
Colin McRae Onboard
09/16/07, 20:06

That is a question I don't know the answer to; the WRC site has video and 'Rally Radio' of the events but it's all gone very PPV, where as live timing, ect used to be free.

The championship seems to have taken a gamble on trying to propagate itself though the web rather then TV, and the gamble doesn't seem to be paying off. Anecdotally, I used to be a die-hard rally fan but since it's been off Canadian TV I've just stop following it altogether. On the sporting side, the WRC has lost most of it's manufacturer support; only Citroen, Ford and Subaru are left and the field fills out with some privateer teams.

Like the late 80's, it's dark days for rallying, but like the late 80's endurance racing is on the rise, there is a World Touring Car Championship again, plus F1 has a good title fight this year. So sit down, turn on, and curse McLaren to hell; 'cause Kimi needs all the help he can get.
Colin McRae Onboard
09/16/07, 08:27

Don't worry to much about losing Speed Channel, it doesn't show the WRC, or much racing these days. If you want to watch the channel for other things go to http://www.tvunetworks.com/ and download their internet TV program; Speed is listed under the channel 'Wheels' and it's how I watched Le Mans this year.
Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar
09/06/07, 17:40

My only regret about this post is the fact that this isn't the album version, which has a break in the song that includes a lot of creepy crying.
Mike Rowe Schedule - QVC
09/06/07, 09:05

It's a gold(ish) bracelet in an interlaced pattern called herringbone. Jewellery chains in this pattern are often just referred too by the pattern name itself.
Norman Mailer and Rip Torn fighting on set
08/29/07, 10:04

Torn didn't give Mailer as much punishment as he deserved; not only did he (Mailer) confuse people with his "reporting" fiction as fact but he also stabbed his own wife at a party.

Mailer deserves neither respect nor protection from Rip Torn's brutal fists of fury.
Cyber Seduction - The Complete Movie
08/22/07, 19:52

His biggest porn problem seems to be his difficulty in finding pictures with nudity in them.
I'm Not There-trailer for Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan movie
08/22/07, 12:50

The world needs less musicians' bio-pics:

1. They all tell the same story (rise, fall, rise) which is often untrue, Johnny Cash was lucky to be recording in the 90's because of his flat-lining sales.

2. Most songwriters tell the listener about themselves in their music

3. The films are all about giving artists who've been over praised to begin with, even more unnecessary praise. Bob Dylan doesn't need more sloppy blowjobs from boomers who incorrectly (b. 1941) think he is one of them.

If I hear another fellow 20-something talk about how great Johnny Cash is, like it's some club to belong to, I'm going to blow a fuse. Of course he was great, he sold 50 million albums, he's a cultural touchstone; I didn't need to see a melodrama to tell me he's great.

I can see it now "hey, did you know Bob Dylan's birth name was Robert Zimmerman", well no shit, everyone knows that. We are though the looking-glass people.
"The Life Aquatic" Shootout
08/16/07, 23:29

-1 for not including the "You forgot your dog!", line.
I am ASTAR. A robot.
08/12/07, 20:56

Why they ever made a CG version of this I will never know.

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