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C. Eloi Marx

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Eyebot sticks to ceiling. IGNORE ME!
08/21/09, 14:15

The rotors are so loud that they drown out the Enclave propaganda.
1960's Batmobile Toy Car Commercial
08/21/09, 10:15

No one will ever believe you namtar. This goes deeper then you could ever imagine in your wholly owned capitalist (so called) brain; my tentacles are EVERYWHERE.
Burger King - BK TeeVee
08/18/09, 23:14

He recently appeared in the direct to dvd movie "Soccer Mom" alongside such luminaries as Master P and Victoria Jackson.
Woman yells ‘Heil Hitler’ to Jewish man praising Israel’s national health care system.
08/18/09, 20:48

My God, what would poses anyone to say "heil hitler", ever. I'm all for free speech, but I would also recommend vicious sack beatings for anyone who says something so inflammatory.
Wild Horse vs. A Race Car (8.17.09)
08/18/09, 20:23

If only all cars were so robust against animal strikes.
HMS Ontario Shipwreck
08/17/09, 22:04

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Ontario_(1780) for more info on it.
08/17/09, 14:40

Same here, why is so much sunlight wasted before I wake up, at 12pm.
08.14.2009 - Dana Gould Reports on Health Care
08/15/09, 23:58

Beyond Godwin's Law the point I'm trying to get across is that the world is more complex then good v. evil, and it's naive to think that life is that simple. Thomas Jefferson was the principal architect of the world's first modern democracy; he was also a slave owning genocidal maniac (he started the trail of tears).

Sometimes bad people can have good ideas and vise-versa (Obama seems to love triangulation almost as much as Clinton did, for example).
08.14.2009 - Dana Gould Reports on Health Care
08/15/09, 17:06

Hitler built the first modern highway system.
Hitler wanted the majority of his countrymen to be prosperous enough to have a car.
Hitler loved the Olympics.
Hitler used oxygen to metabolize food into energy.
Hitler thought his nation was the greatest nation that ever was.

Don't be like Hitler, Barack Obama!
5 Millions Volt Guy
08/14/09, 13:26

Dr. Ho's early experiments in electricity. The lesson he learned from this is that 5 million volts provides to much relaxation.
Cyriak's 2009 work reel
08/12/09, 22:05

I'm glad to know that deserving people can still have success in this world.
CNBC Interview of Max Hardcore
08/12/09, 19:27

The lesson in all of this is: if you're going to film yourself peeing on and then fucking a girl, make sure she's under age and that you're an R&B star; rather then the girl just looking under age and you being a disgusting old man with a filthy yellow couch.
Ballad of GI Joe
08/11/09, 09:40

Even though the description says that it's surprisingly star studded, I was still surprised by how star studded it was.
Dark Carnival of Souls
08/11/09, 09:21

Google Ads just gave me a hit for hatchetgear.com and the site for a skin-tag removal place; the two things any juggalo needs.
Henry Rollins vs Techno Viking
08/05/09, 23:24

Henry Rollins can't bust musical heads like he used to but he has his ways. Like telling stories that don't go anywhere: like this time he was giving a lecture about how he doesn't like techno music, 'cause it's all bleeps and bloops. So he was giving a lecture; that's how he makes his money now because no one has given a flying fuck about Cali punk in like 20 years, and he was saying it was no good because they, you know, the techno people take different drugs from the punk people. So eventually he ended up yelling at a cloud.
The Rubber Boy
08/04/09, 19:53

He's not kidding; his speed is the most impressive part.
Simply Sara - Spicy Ginger Chicken Lettuce Wraps
07/28/09, 09:21

Pantsfish is faggot
07/26/09, 13:19

I foresee 'Human Garbage' becoming my favourite tag soon; it has so many possible uses.
Sandra Lee - Look at that!
07/21/09, 12:11

You're all to quick to judge; a chef cooks for their audience, and this was going to be served to special-effects guru Stan Winston.
07/13/09, 21:08

Watch Your Donkey... Smokey's Gonna Getcha (Official film tag line)

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