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Braco in America
I'm Ok You're Ok (Dutch Tv 1979)
The Muppet Show - I'm So Happy
Kid in Godzilla outfit vs toy dinosaur
Drug Runners (1988)
The Persuaders Theme
Protest and Arrest at Hillary Clinton speech
Shepard Smith reports live on a truck-jacking
Democracy Now! reporting on arrest at Hillary Clinton speech
Bear cub vs cat
Vervet monkey has no feet
Right Down The Line
Baby Hates Everything
Cat enjoying bath
William Gibson: The New Cyber/Reality
Excited penguin
Terry Gilliam criticizes Spielberg and Schindler's List
Kesha-Tik Tok(Polka-Metal Version)
Ladybug plays with sprinkles!
Chris Burden - Metropolis2
Frank Zappa - St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast / Rollo (SNL, 1978)
The Creepy Japanese Toilet Experience
Kid Excited about Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pictures
Kid Discovers a Pill Bug
Margaret Cho - Assmaster
Wishing I Was LuckyNot Rated
Ride On Time
Bulldog attacks cat
Glenn Beck praises Muse
LaRouche supporter assaulted by Alaska State Fair Security
Silvio Berlusconi enjoys a snack with his espresso
Perkele, take me baby
Rob Halford attacked by hugger fan 1983
Nirvana vs Blur - Smells like Song 2
Beavis and Butthead - Numb - U2
Beavis and Butthead - Stick It Out - Rush
PrisencolinensinanciusolNot Rated
Ok, fine, CROW attacks RC airplane.
Chimp Rapes a Frog
Kelsey Grammer falls off of stage
Ma Quale Idea
Manowar - Kill With Power
Helping Johnny Remember
DUNE: An Interview with Frank Herbert & David Lynch
Man catches the holy ghost
Voice Activated Corgi
Beavis and Butthead: Mysterious Ways
Kitten suckles air
Little kids arguing...
Big fat pothead discovers free energy
Ozzy on Letterman, 1982
Iron Man Punches Hugh Grant
Philip K. Dick rare interview in France - 1977
Strong City - The End Of The World Cult
More high res sun footage from Solar Dynamic Observatory
Giant vortex cannon vs candle at 20m
Giant vortex cannon, 30m attempt
Clever Japanese Farmer
John Lydon Talks About Kate Bush
The Dark Knight is Confused.
Running up that Hill
Kitten Attacks Wolf
Dallas High Speed Car Chase Video
Breaking The Law
Electrica Salsa
Dueling Carls, a 'Talking Carl' Scream Fight
Whataburger Cheeseburger Fight
A fine winter morning
Cat vs Bear
Signs in 5 seconds
Brand New Cadillac
Dynaman - Spunky the Wonder Squid (giant robot scene missing)
Animal hypnosis and trances - BBC
Tour OldFolksIsland with Lonnie
Lonnie says 'Da damn thang is leanin'
Boxer poops in ocean
Cornelius - Eyes
Grindcore baby
Beavis and Butthead: Iggy Pop - Butt Town
Beavis and Butthead: Sagat-Funk Dat!
MST3K-0418 - Attack of the The Eye Creatures
Beautiful Harmonic Kiss by Bach Yen & Tran Quang Hai
Cat catches bat
dog takes blanket from cat
Kittens used as bait for sharks and marlin (WARNING: graphic depiction of cruelty to kittens)
Massive Ice Spinning Circle Phenomenon
Romanian Call TV presenter goes Crazy
Cat eats a rat at Mc Donalds
Neil Armstrong, 60 Minutes Interview
Man throws cat
Cat vs Airfilter
Cat enjoys box
Cat Elevator
Hobbymasters commercial

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