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Hopper History
Theater of the Eye
Meet Mitt Romney
A drunk Kiefer Sutherland jumps into a christmas tree
Rally Car Crash Through Spectators
Karate Slow Motion
Kentucky Fried Movie: A Fistful of Yen
Rottweiler and Cat
Tour of a Crack House
Bovine Body-Builders
Heidi Klum Is Amused
Richard Feynman Plays the Bongos
Phil Schneider describes gunfight with aliens
SuperBad German trailer
Man Baby
Idiot almost explodifies himself with a grenade
Air Traffic Controller tries to land two aircraft on same runway
How to ruin a marriage on television
The Night of Hardest Partying
Stupid Invention 01 : Dora Plate Spinner
Stupid Invention 02 : Swiss Army Knife Whistle
F16 crash at Mountain Home AFB 2003
Purring Cheetah
White Boy Provokes Transvestite
Probe - Plan 10 From Outer Space
Kids in the Hall - Doe, A Deer
A red angel transvestite (?) sings!!!!
Brother Theodore Offers to be Dictator of the US
YouTube Award winners on FoxNews
GIGLI - the vagina monologue
cutest kitten EVER
cat playing fetch
Baby Genet Leonard
Talking Goat
Just Planes - AUSTRIAN B777-200
Korean Bidet Commercial
Kids in the Hall - Corporate Boss
Annoying brat gets served
Floating Head
Developers Developers Developers Developers remix
Star Trek - KFC Commercial
BBC's Micro Live! haxored live on air in 1983
James Bond Theme Song Parody
Helicopter prop wash damages buildings
Unlocking the Mystery of Life
Harlan Ellison gropes Connie Willis
Paco De Lucia Shreds Duelin' Flamencos
Arundhati Roy - Come September (Sept 11, 2002)
The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof
Mullet Kid Plays Iron Man
Opening Credits for Baretta
Rendezvous with Rama
Talking Cats remix
Cat plays fetch
Penguin finds safety from Killer Whale’s attack on small boat
Cyber FX Review
Coffee in Zero-G
Tesla Coils Play 'Popcorn'
Spock and Kirk get CLOSER
The Muppet Show - The Rhyming Song
Richard Nixon discusses homosexuals in San Francisco's Bohemian Grove
Chewbacca plays guitar and sings.
Cat Assassination
A Dog in the Snow
Lazy Town's Cake Song in German
Powers Boothe Tells Al Pacino About Hanky Codes
Wizbit Bad Acid
Preparation for the Landing: 3 solid minutes of new age spaceship crazy
Awesome Center
Anteater Emerges From Washing Machine
Stewie's spoon trick
Meditation Music
49 year old creepy dude reads his Plenty of Fish dating profile looking for younger meat
David Bowie at 17
Coldplay Sued for Plagarism by Joe Satriani
Babylon 5 Season 3 Bloopers
Hopkins FBI - Hopkins FBI goes to Heaven
Hopkins FBI - Hopkins FBI cross dresses and seduces a guard in Heaven.
Self Defense Dorks
The Incredible Hulk - Lou Ferrigno Kills A Bear.
Man Carving Ice Statue
Stop Hitting Yourself!
Kid sets himself on fire
Congratulations President Barack Obama! From Japan!
Mari Doesn't Like Spiders
SHARK EATS A DOG- (extremely graphic) R (Not for kids)
Jim Norton on Letterman
Caveman on Drugs
2 kittens, 1 angry cat and a crap load of soda walk into a bar...
Jon Ronson - The Satanic Shadowy Elite
Drum and bass sermon in black church
Chappelle's Show: Samuel Jackson Ale
Vanilla Mood - Like a Rolling Stone
Ways of Seeing
Chihuahua scared of a kitten
Online Halo wedding gets spied upon

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