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Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 12:46

Good God look at all those crazy words. Smoke a weed, chill the fuck out, watch space cowboys kick bad guys in the face.
Mt. Gox goes bankrupt
03/01/14, 04:23

"Stupid gaijin with no honor" is a good match for that pale lump in an ill-fitting suit.

I've got no dog in this race, only in it for the laughs. These last few weeks have been like freebasing schadenfreude.
Two guys climb Shanghai Tower
02/12/14, 16:04

I said "don't do it!" out loud when dude pointed at the crane.
Mr. Peabody & Sherman : Geronimo
01/26/14, 03:50

Peabody and Sherman are the best thing about the Bullwinkle Show. Followed closely by Fractured Fairy tales.
i was actually a buzzfeed writer all along
01/09/14, 17:04

fuck that was supposed to be a reply, o well.
i was actually a buzzfeed writer all along
01/09/14, 17:03

OK so I watched the other two videos and still don't know what the fuck so I'll just let you have your meltdown in peace.
i was actually a buzzfeed writer all along
01/09/14, 16:49

Buzzfeed is shit and who are you again?
May You Stay Forever Young (JonBenet Ramsey, 17 Years Later)
12/31/13, 02:25

Oh man, that title pushes "gallows humor" waaay past the envelope.
Boomer The Dog put in the pound by the FCC
11/11/13, 05:57

Big in Germany:


The pirate radio station just adds to the mystique.
Did I just fxcking witness this no fxcking way
08/21/13, 11:43

Your move, Russia.

The dude survived too, was talking to the cops when they showed up. Of course there was alcohol involved.
Vice: Meet the Creator of the Bill Cosby Sweater
07/24/13, 20:14

The anecdote about putting his kitty down is fucking marvelous.
Frankenstein's Army - Red Band Trailer
07/14/13, 20:44

Dubstep Nazis :(
Rocky and Bullwinkle Intermission
07/14/13, 11:09


Mister Peabody and Sherman were cooler than that dumb moose and his rodent pal. Never understood why they got top billing.
A Scene from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
06/06/13, 07:19

Super secret dubstep squirrel.
04/25/13, 18:24

Exploding miniatures look better than any CG.

Aren't those guys from Nausicaa?
go ducks go!
09/09/12, 10:55

For those too lazy to wait for the CTV link:

Bugs Bunny - Ickity Ackity Oop
11/08/11, 23:43

"I'm comfortably well off!!!"
World's Shortest Train
09/07/11, 06:05

Well that was just great!
Stupid rave becomes small riot on Hollywood Blvd
07/31/11, 04:37

These are yours
Crazy skiff boat sailing from Team Nokia
07/20/11, 10:45

better sports tag

This fucking rules!


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