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David Bowie as Tesla in The Prestige
01/11/16, 16:53

Had to push this one over the edge.

I just love this silly movie.
Ashes to Ashes
01/11/16, 14:23

Absolutely not. Cheney is way past his expiration date.
Ashes to Ashes
01/11/16, 06:05

That was meant for Nominal.
Ashes to Ashes
01/11/16, 06:04

Way to twist the fuckin knife, jerk.

Is it too late to cancel this week?
Ashes to Ashes
01/11/16, 06:01

Just heard Space Oddity on the radio at work and got super misty... Worst monday in years.

Godspeed you freaky alien.
Y'all Qaeda declares YeeHawd
01/07/16, 15:43

The multiple question questions are frustrating, but I'll give it a go...

1. These guys are hilariously misguided sovereign citizens and if the words "sovereign citizen" don't make you LOL then welp.

2. The feds should rope off the nature preserve to everyone. Give 'em a few days in the cold with no press and see what happens.

3. This question is kinda fucked because those three things are nothing at all alike.

4. No threat to me at all but I don't live in the area. I'm sure someone is pissed they are missing work to stay home with their kids because the local schools are closed for MEN WITH GUNS.

5. See Bort's reply.

6. You might be confusing Al Qaeda with Mujahideen.

7. No, but these folks are making it super easy. Welcome to the internet.

8. Straight to hell on a greased slide.
08/12/15, 18:03

Not bad, but this one is still my favorite:

Free College!?
07/11/15, 13:52

This mirrors my experience pretty well. After a stream of dead end jobs I went to community college at age 40 with my parents' help since I could only work on the weekends (learning how to weld is tiring).

School was paid for by a state grant and I had $$ left over afterwards. No debt, learned a proper trade and got a sweet gig with real benefits and everything. Health Insurance! 401K! Paid time off! No weekends! Even got a tax exemption because I was a full time adult student so I can still say "Thanks Obama"!
THE PEANUTS MOVIE Official Trailer 2 (2015)
07/09/15, 16:41

Made it 53 seconds.

This is fucking terrible.

3D Charlie Brown is a Thing That Should Not Be... is this what it feels like to be old?
Hey Brian Harrod, go fuck yourself!!
07/08/15, 03:45

holy shit oz i love you
Hey Brian Harrod, go fuck yourself!!
07/07/15, 17:32

Exactly, youtube is youtube.

Waaay more videos posted to facebook or tumblr than google+

I just wish the LJRIG was still a thing :(
Hey Brian Harrod, go fuck yourself!!
07/07/15, 15:02

Nobody should give a fuck about Google+

Google has chased the InstaFaceCloudTindr for years now and it still isn't shit as far as "social media" goes.
Ticket for not riding in the bike lane
06/08/15, 15:42

This popped up on the sidebar and the OMG GAS PRICES commentary made me giggle a bit. Just paid $2.57 for mid grade today (6-8-2015)
How much do Chinese people know about Russia ?
05/08/15, 15:15

woooooo *clink*

That was surely rehearsed, but what a fantastic edit!
Rocket Flamethrower Shmel-M
05/05/15, 15:44

Just wanna point out that the soundtrack from three minutes on is Paul van Dyk - "For An Angel"


I may be the only one that finds this funny, but goddamn it's just killin me so I had to share.
11/26/14, 17:57

Honestly, remove the voiceover and that's pretty much it.

Testify > break blocks with head > testify > rip phone book > testify > break 2x4 > testify > break handcuffs > accept jesus as your lord and savior? > donate to our mission!
11/26/14, 17:46

Oh wow... the fuckin' Power Team.

My youth group went to see them when I was a sophomore in high school (1990). Later that same evening they were removed from the local 24 hour diner for being drunk and disorderly. I couldn't understand how godly people could do such a thing.

Looking back, that was one of my first steps to the realization that evangelical christianity was a load of shit.

Thanks, Power Team!
#GamerGate: For Those Who Stand and Fight
11/11/14, 14:46

Yeah I was surprised at how anti-gg the coiners are. I guess the fygm libertarian assholes at least have some semblance of morality...

This is pretty good too:

Symbols of Satan on School Property
05/15/14, 17:27

I've seen this guy on here before but never looked at his channel... quite the conspiracy compendium. Check out the description for this video:

"Everyone is Satanic and can't detect it.
See my channel for truth immediately. You cant detect it but you take your energy from the one true sun above your head & feed it to the black hole sun 24/7.
You send your bio field energy directly to satan all day. You drink Satan's fluoridated water, religiously you eat his poison enriched foods, GMO's, You breath satan's chemical air, you drink & eat satan's poison pasteurized dairy/milk. You can't see the black cubes, the rings & the eye of Saturn(satan in Latin) is on everything you touch all day. Everyone worships the false sun instead of the one true sun that shines on your face & gives you life. . We were sun gazers before the reptilian aliens took over earth & gave you a reptilian core to your brain(responsible for fight or flight) See any chart of brain. Look at your old 1st-4th grade class photos w/all the kids- blow up the eyes of everyone kid x kid & eye x eye; you'll see 90% of the kids have 1 snake eye. Everyone is a slave of satan & can't detect it. Just think of the game "Pac Man" the moon eating your soul. The moon will recycle your soul back into a 666 carbon based body/embryo & you'll remain a blind little satanic worshiping -Little Zeus worshiper the rest of eternity. Jupiter & Saturn are brown dwarf stars trapped in Dyson Spheres(look up Jupiter & Saturn gives off more heat then absorbs from the sun & look at a pentagram the symbol of satan/Saturn its a star in a sphere. They rub it in your face its called "lesser Magik; they use it to remove your blood off their hands.
You still worship the sun but its the black hole sun. You don't see it till pointed out to you. I love you. See my chan for truth if you have the courage to face reality."

All that crazy woven together, with a Dyson Sphere on top.
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 12:46

Good God look at all those crazy words. Smoke a weed, chill the fuck out, watch space cowboys kick bad guys in the face.


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