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Come on and Drill!
02/26/09, 22:38

Those tap lessons just pay for themselves!
Phil Hartman's SNL Audition
02/26/09, 18:52

Sex Ed clips.
02/26/09, 14:00

This is just what I needed to pep up my day!
Chuck Norris Kicks Ass at Medieval Times
02/26/09, 06:05

Regardless of the Chuck Norris joke phenomenon that instantly blackballs any humorist attempting comedy these days (and rightly so), I still get a kick out of how terrible the match-cut editing and stunt double use are on any of Mr. Norris' projects.

I'm pretty sure the stand-in didn't even have a beard in that last shot of "Walker" getting up.
Peepers the therapy duck
02/25/09, 19:43

Dude, is the "diaper" just a medical waste bag shoved up its ass?
Inuit Throat Singing
02/23/09, 19:54





Chris Lanagan: the man with an IQ that's 200
02/23/09, 19:32

This is from the excellent documentary series "First Person" helmed by Errol Morris. Morris has a way of getting to the core of what people believe and forcing even the wiliest of them to admit fundamental conundrums in their own way of thinking, even without them knowing it (especially this guy.)

I'd also recommend checking out the cryogenics pioneer who secretly had his mother's head frozen without consent.
SpikeBravo: 'The State Of Nebraska Considers Me To Be A Terrorist.'
02/22/09, 18:37

= weekly GMing at a LARP
An Episode of Time For Beany (1951).
02/20/09, 14:35

A penetrating expose of the underbelly of Hollywood success.

Also, the entire premise of this episode makes no sense. Not the "jumping off a building" part, but rather the fact that Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent jumps off a building so that he can get famous and someone will give him a movie deal. That's fine.

The problem is, why would Cecil be concerned with getting a picture deal with the movie producer B.B. if he ALREADY HAS ONE? The opening narration clearly states that B.B. is sending Beany and Cecil to China to make a film, presumably starring in it. So why all the runaround to get B.B.'s attention AGAIN so they can get ANOTHER MOVIE DEAL that involves certain harm and possible death?

Also, 5 stars for advising children not to run into the street without directly warning them not to jump off buildings like their favorite TV Sea Serpent friend.
Fire Paste
02/20/09, 00:59

He's clearly burning his hand.

"You'll just lose a little skin. Not too bad."
Fire Paste
02/20/09, 00:50

He's probably just subscribed to his YouTube channel. They can do that, now.
die you TROLL
02/20/09, 00:14

"You fockin' trow!"

Wow. He literally is calling someone out, goading them to have him arrested because he thinks they think he stole fake Transformers knockoff toys made in Taiwan.

That is why he made this video.
Mr. Show - Josh Fenderman
02/19/09, 18:33

That's B.J. Porter, one of the writers. He now does stuff with with Scott Auckerman, another one of the writers, under the name of "The Fun Bunch" out here in Los Angeles at the UCB Theater.
02/19/09, 12:26

Steve Reich is alive and well and living on the internet.
Valentine's Break Up
02/18/09, 14:17

Well made, but very tired premise. I think this is a required episode of every sitcom, ever.
Penis Slip on CNN
02/17/09, 21:42

Batman vs Spiderman
02/17/09, 21:36

I like the use of comic sans font on the Batman logo.
Multi-Impressionist Singing Comedian: Larry G Jones
02/17/09, 15:57

Hi, I'm Elton John and spaghetti and meatballs.
Multi-Impressionist Singing Comedian: Larry G Jones
02/17/09, 15:33

This guy posted himself on my MySpace which I hadn't checked for a few months.
MMORPG Nerd Asks a Question of Eve Online Moderators
02/17/09, 14:44

Done and done.

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