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RAPE TUNNEL, A Valentine's Day Story
02/12/09, 13:28

RAPE TUNNEL, A Valentine's Day Story
02/12/09, 13:08

High production value is a strike against on the internet.
Wacky human inventions from the 1930's
02/10/09, 20:32

This should be it's own weekly show, completely unnarrated other than to provide context where necessary.
Futurama voice actors doing their thing
02/09/09, 14:03

I think he's had some work done recently, too, at least when I met him. He's a fairly genial guy, just a little weird (as I get the idea that most cartoon VO artists are.)
Home Run Baseball Doesn't Hit Passing Bicyclist Despite Wacky Blooper Show Claiming So
02/04/09, 22:34

Perhaps. When I viewed it in passing the first time, I chalked it up to the low quality of the video feed.
Fat Mr. Belding & Brooke Hogan Sing Karaoke
02/04/09, 14:15

This is at Dimple's, one of Los Angeles' most notorious karaoke bars and supposedly the first karaoke bar in America.

Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) hangs out there on almost a nightly basis, despite the fact that he hasn't drunk alcohol for around 4 years, ever since he was roofied at Charles Barkley's birthday party in Las Vegas.

He is currently releasing a karaoke album, which will be available on Amazon.com.

These are the things Dennis Haskins told me when I met him.
The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!.
02/04/09, 13:37

That guys name is just "Punk Rock". He's not even a superhero, he's a physical incarnation of one genre of music as perceived by another genre of music.
Girl says what's on her mind
02/03/09, 20:52

That's a good point.
02/03/09, 15:33

Is this a product of the Danish equivalent of Kids in the Hall?
The Ministry Of Silly Walks
02/03/09, 14:57

How has this not been on here yet?
video game wants your children to convert to islam
02/02/09, 20:38

"Local law enforcement reviewing the case have suggested to Mrs. Jones that while the matter is being investigated, a temporary solution will have to suffice of not buying creepy baby shit for her children and then scrutinizing them while they play it."
Anime Tail Pull
01/31/09, 21:25

Does she have an unwanted orgasm there, and then pushes him away after she realizes what's happened?
Anime Tail Pull
01/31/09, 21:06

Wow, that was confusing and uncomfortable to watch, as I really didn't know what emotions that was supposed to incite in the audience.
Wolf Animation Tutorial
01/30/09, 19:55

They were stolen by Eagles, for they are sneaky birds.
Did Obama's Inauguration Go Too Far?
01/30/09, 14:28

I think the Jar-Jar joke is the only overtly stupid one that didn't work on any level.
Hoobee Doo'bee the Mormon Bee: Smile
01/28/09, 13:32

I don't need three guesses to determine why he lost it.
Duckman: Word Association
01/28/09, 02:31

I remember watching this show as a kid and not knowing why. Now I know.
Orson Welles on Equality and Loneliness
01/27/09, 21:29

Orson Welles.
LBJ wants more room for his bunghole
01/27/09, 04:37

If only it were Frost/Johnson.
Tim and Eric - The Jim and Derrick Show (Part 2)
01/27/09, 04:11

Truly, a triumph of science.

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