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Redneck Tased off His Lawn Mower
Chris Rock: How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police
The Sarah Palin Network
ASL Bad Romance - Lady Gaga for the hard of hearing
A Saturday on the Fringe: Scenes from the Right's Rallies in Nevada and Florida
Cold Steel - Butterfly Swords
French Cat Standing
Breaking Bad: This...is not meth
WikiLeaks - Collateral Murder
Yike Bike
Stroke Guy Reviews Attack of the Clones.
Dragon Ball Simpsons
Student owns Westboro Baptist Church peacefully
Democrats' Rainbows and Unicorns
3 Year old desperatly in love with Justin Bieber
'You should change your name from C-Span to Black-Span'
Polite Teabagger and Alan Grayson
Randy Neugebauer response to his 'Baby Killer' comment
Render Unto Obama
Lisa Mei Norton 'Enemy Number One'
Han Solo discovers something horrible about Leia.
Inglourious Basterds - Clapper Montage
The Daily Show - Conservative Libertarian
Palpable Evil
The Daily Show - Crumbums and Fat-Cats
5 Second Films - Barry
Teacher Writes 'Loser' on Child's Assignments
Faking the Books
Xena: Warrior Princess intro
5 Second Films - The Ballad of Truck Thunders
Wayne's World - Trailer
Portal of Evil Reviewed
Tiger attacks an elephant rider
Shinjuku Cheerleader
Mystery Method: Shit Tests
Little Lady Gaga (Brazillian Idol)
The Daily Show - Jonah Falcon Needs a Job
This Too Shall Pass
5 Second Films - Welcome to Chico! Parts 1-5
Tyrannosaurus Sex- Dinosaur Penis
Spanish Policemen Vs Firefighters
Everything is fake
Gymkata (1985) - Pommel horse fight scene
The Guzman lays down the law.
Zero Punctuation - Mass Effect 2
Rub my belly!
Star Trek TNG 35: Captain's Log
Old White Man vs. Young Black Guy on Bus
Police brutalize unconscious, seriously injured suspect.
Tea Party Convention - Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz, Interviews with Participants
Teenage Mutant Reservoir Dogs
Right now there are five women on my stage...
The Worst Product Ever Invented
Condom Blowjob
cat zit poppin video
Narcoleptic Squirrel
Daily Show - Supreme Corp
Daily Show: Thank you, South Carolina - Andre Bauer
Disproving evolution with the law of angular momentum.
Daily Show - Indecision 2010 The Re-Changening
Fantastic 4 Cartoon - Ghost Rider vs. Galactus
Exotic Animals are Knocking Down Dominoes
Sand Bubbler Crabs
Surprised dog
Glenn Beck Asks Sarah Palin Who Her Favorite Founding Father Is
Daily Show - Even Better Than the Real Thing
Cow Bell Girl
Phantasy Star IV Commercial
HP Computers Are Racist
Girlfriend's Tampon Prank Goes Wrong
Samantha Bee interviews Idiot from Fox News
Shark wants in
Anime Club
Daily Show - Why Does Glenn Beck Love Gold So Much?
Brian Williams cockblocks Luke (son of Tim) Russert
Daily Show: John Stewart Calls Out Gretchen Carlson Of Fox & Friends
Pokemon are agents of the devil!
Rachel Maddow and 'Gay Cure' Advocate Richard Cohen
If They Cheered
John McCain says Sarah Palin is irrelevant.
Guy turns himself into a human rollerblade and speeds headfirst down a mountain
This man's wife cries at every movie she sees
Climate Science Debate on BBC
Take the 'A' Train
the TV show
New Moon in a Minute
Pup Can't Get ..Down!
That Feel
Iron Ninja Ken Gartman Does Ninja Magic
Telling You
PPG - You're a Bad Monkey, Mojo!
This is how to act when you win something
The Daily Show - Mick Foley Cuts a Promo on Homophobes
2 small children play a innocent game of baseball
Women Take Mouse Balls Very Seriously
Target Women: Broadview Security
its better than not cumming at all

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