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Batman V Superman - Sad Affleck
RIP Alan Rickman
Butt scratches breaks cat
Sweet schadenfreude as a filthy cop who raped women gets sentenced to 263 years in the slammer.
Batman v Superman - Exclusive Sneak [HD]
Pat Robertson Explains Why God Didn't Heal A Cancer Patient
Dude builds a tiled roof hut from scratch.
God's Not Dead 2 Trailer
Big Grouper Makes Deep Sea Man Very Angry
Hoatzin Claws
MSNBC Host: Saying 'Hard Work' Is Bad Because It's 'Offensive to Slaves'
How It's Made: Ham
Dog <3 leaf pile
Fox News fails to foment bathroom outrage
Stunned! Google Predicted 8 years before in Back To The Future 3!
Raffi Torres Has a Violence Problem Involving People's Heads
Baywatch Nights - Frozen Out of Time (in 5 mins)
Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future Documentary Out Of The Ashes
Atlas V Rocket launch produces unique atmospheric phenomenon
Dawn of the Cyborg Bacteria
Maine coons chatter at city birds
Vancouver Never Plays Itself
Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Cutscene - So many fetishes in one clip
poeTV watches people make stuff: primitive wattle and daub hut
We got updates from Pruane2Forever, Reymon14, and now Daxflame
MGSV - Shower with Quiet
Damon Wayans defends Bill Cosby
Final Fantasy 15 - Driving "gameplay"
Hansen vs. Predator Kickstarter Campaign Video
Deadliest Turn on a Water Slide
A vine video only a white guy could make
Donald Trump on Megyn Kelly: 'There Was Blood Coming Out of Her - Wherever'
One America News Network anchor tells us how she really feels about Obama and muslins
Internet Comment Etiquette: Dating Advice
Post free jokes for Brian Harrod in here
PoeTV Watches People Make Stuff: Lawn Darts
Captain America's advice for Spider-Man
Sea Lamprey Panic Response
Trolling Conspiracy Fans... FOR SCIENCE!
Ted Cruz sings 'Amazing Grace'
Reaction To The Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage
Nerf gun to the eye
POETV watches people make stuff: shovel and concrete knife
Ernie Anderson - America's Funniest People outtakes
Michael Crichton: The American Media Is Corrupt, Biased, and Brainwashing Us
How the LHC [Large Hadron Collider] Works
Pat Robertson Thinks Your Statue Might Be Evil
Police Squad! Episode 1 - A Substantial Gift
Should the First Mars Mission Be All Women?
Jeb Bush Talking about Restoring Shame to Society in 1995
How to use this Goatee Shaving Template
Jackass: Thailand
Government office sets up 'cat library'
Liu Kang vs. Reptile
Ted DiBiase cuts a promo for Jesus
Glenn Beck Continues to Wet His Pants Over Gay Marriage
Pat Robertson comforts a grieving mother whos child has died
Beech Grove Walmart fight part 2
Robot Fall Compilation, DARPA Competition
Mike Huckabee 'jokes' about transgenders and bathrooms
Horrible douchebag dubsteps little kids
Tiny hamster turns into giant monster
CBS's Promo for 'The Briefcase'
Miniature Origami Robot Self-folds, Walks, Swims, and Degrades
The Flic-Flac Spider
Worlds largest whoopee cushion + bonus cat reaction
The Sarkeesian Effect: Inside the World of Social Justice Warriors - Official Trailer #1‏
Truck boarding a ship over planks
Game Of Thrones - Ramsey Bolton 'Rapes' Sansa Stark
Spiderman defeated.
TNG Edit 38 - 'Riker' Episode 1
Bill Cosby on Good Morning America
Soccer player gets kicked in the back
RIP, Repomancer
Cleveland Cavaliers promo featuring domestic violence
Keith Olbermann is not going to say 'I told You So'
The One Who Is Moving Now: ANSWER!!!
Ink flowing between the cracks in a human hand
Councilman Forgets to Turn His Mic Off
Air Traffic Control: Communication breakdown with Airchina
Pacific Rim Jaeger built in Kerbal Space Program
look at this graph
'Little Boy' Trailer
Yes! Ham Goes Up An Escalator
1980's Daredevil intro
Rare Sperm Whale Encounter with ROV | Nautilus Live
A scene with The Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio) from Marvel's Daredevil series on Netflix
Vet Gun
When Manatees Attack!
Highlights from a dog breeding instructional video
Tommy Lee Jones Lays Down the Law
How To Get Away With Murder In Yandere Simulator
English usage in Japan
Engineers extinguish a fire with sound
Tithe Rap
Astronaut Rusty Schweickart remembers a space walk (soase!!1!)
Always Wear a Seatbelt
Witness the majesty of Godfrey Ho's 'Robo-Kickboxer: Power of Justice'

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