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In response to #StopGamerGate2014
Gillette - Short Dick Man (live in brazil at Xuxa, 1995)
Spinning monk seal
Would Atheists Drink Their Dad's Sperm? #AtheistLogic
What is the Evidence for Evolution?
Black teen pepper-sprayed in his own home
John Weaver: God Created The Races [Christianity For Kinism]
David Cameron Rap by CassetteBoy
He's trying to tell us something
Republicans Are People Too: Ready to Think Differently?
Rick Perry Clashes with ABC's Martha Raddatz on Immigration
Republicans Are People Too
Squirrelbudo : Martial Arts With Squirrels
Ray against swarm of cats
Two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots talk and argue with each other
South Carolina Trooper Sean Groubert shoots unarmed man during traffic stop
Fox News on female UAE pilot
Duck Video Avi
Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie attempts to explain sharia law
Thunderf00t: More on how Anita Sarkeesian is picking on me.
Thunderf00t suspended from twitter, blames Sarkeesian, acts like a total drama queen
Legend of Grimrock 2 Pre-order Trailer
lock the taskbar
John Oliver Discusses Some Horrible News
99 Red Balloons, played on red balloons
Mari, the Meanest Dog in Japan
Palestinian Parody of ISIS
Game Of Thrones intro Saul Bass style
Black goo disables hundreds of vehicles on Pennsylvania Turnpike
Korra battles Zaheer
Femskin Unboxing
Kevin Sorbo is a Festering Piece of Dogshit.
Korra - Tenzin Battles the Red Lotus Clan
VICE: The Islamist State
Mork on being a celebrity
Sarah Palin's Response to Elizabeth Warren’s Progressive Commandments
Upright bipedal bear roaming throug a neighborhood.
The King Of Fighters - Full Movie
What's in Ice Cream Sandwiches These Days?
A scene from The Asylum film 'Ballistica'
Lumberjack rescues BLACK BEAR with milk can stuck on head
The Star Spangled Man (with a plan)
Unbelieveable South Indian Fight Scene - Balram Movie
Fish on Wheels
Police burst into wrong apartment, shoot innocent woman hiding in closet
Special Effects Demo Reel
Victoria Jackson: The Life of a Coffee Mug
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Redskins
The Cost to Change the Washington Redskins' Name
Target Women: Skin Care
First Moon Party
Musicless Music Video: David Bowie & Mick Jagger - Dancing in the Street
Ghost of Dick Cheney comes back to haunt Obama
Jeep Flips over Truck
New Zealand Tree Weta
Pat Patterson Comes Out of the Closet
Inexplicable Japanese Mystery Orbs | Ashens
Evocation Of The Demonic King, Bael - Live Ritual
Glenn Beck: 'We're in a perpetual state of tomorrowland'
Less Harmful Language
Elevator Nightmare Caught on Camera
John Oliver on FIFA
A dog with proportional dysplasia plays fetch
Guy falls ass backwards into Wheel of Fortune victory
wimpy goat
The Dark Knight Rises opening scene
Girls self shoot a video while driving.
Game of Thrones - Tyrion's Speech (Alternate Ending)
FTL: FASTER THAN LIGHT (Zero Punctuation)
'Bombshell' reveal trailer
My Cat Saved My Son
John Oliver on Climate Change
Someone leaked the gay Gestapo's secret plans to Bryan Fischer
Almost ten minutes of 11 week old Pallas cat kittens romping about
Dog Befriends Disabled Kitten
Street Fighter Motion Sculptures
Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton During Speech
Will It Blend? - Hockey Pucks
Full Metal Panic - MMA Duel
Game of Thrones Most Extreme Moments
Big Ol' Herd of Elk Jumping Fences in Montana
Pat Robertson: Sweden is just like North Korea
Stephen Colbert responds to #CancelColbert
Goat Simulator Official Launch Trailer
God's Not Dead (trailer)
Girl Offended by Colbert has Satire Explained to Her
Joni Ernst Hog-Castrating Mom Campaign Ad - Iowa
The Real Life Adventures of Balrog
TMNT:The Movie-teaser
101 Wacky Kid Jokes part 2
Homeless Man Shot to Death by Police After Being Caught Illegally Camping
Wakfu - The Dragon Pig [HD]
X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer 2
Jeff Dunham, Deutsch style
Children in a Nutshell
Wakfu - Goultard and Grovy vs. Rushu

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