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Abscess Scrotum, drainage thereof (NSFW)
Midnight Plowboy trailer (SFW until 1:10, quite NSFW thereafter)
A Harmless Lullaby.
Cosplay Girls of Dragon Con 2013
Breaking Bad - Half Measure Speech
Crazy Gail and Her Massive Dildo
Eating out on the train. Not graphic but NSFW.
Who's The Damsel Now?
Matt Barber, The Naked Pirate
Naked Yoga (NSFW)
Arm exploded because of using Synthol
A Day At Deen Manor
Drunk Jeff Goldblum in: A Paypal Ad
Free-Fall from the Edge of Space
Malcolm in the Middle - Malcolm's dad explains the world of jobs
Eddie Murphy Homophobic Rant
an old man falls out of his wheelchair
Polish Guy Blows His Hand Off
New Old Spice ad: 'Vending Machine'
I will show you why I like Ron Paul....
Trip to the CHINK STOP! to get sum DIP!
Mitchell and Webb - The Gift Shop Sketch
Grand Theft Aries
Skittles - Salvage the rainbow
Horrifying Skittles commercial
How To Pronounce Hamburger
Cheaters -- Fight at a Car Wash
Shocking illusion - Pretty girls turn ugly!
Taste the Biscuit
Baby Inception
Que tettoras!!
7 fold
French AXE commercial
Chris-chan's super mode.
Chris-chan proudly announces his employment at a local Walmart -- is getting off social security
African American man hoses off white woman that called him ni**er
Queen Of the Lesbians
Ghetto Ass Ice Cream Truck
Japanese variety show: cat weightlifting
French McDonalds ad
Old lady won't shut her bathroom blinds across from our kitchen table
Will Arnett on Sesame Street as Max the Magician
The DudeGyver: MacGyver/Big Lebowski Mash up
Chris-chan figures out how to stop his PS3 from getting hacked
One of Chris-chan's most disturbing videos: thoughts 'on how [he] can pleasure' women
Wolverine Loves Peaches
Siskel & Ebert, mortal enemies
Dan the Man: Stage 1
Masterpieces in 3D!
Chris-chan Undercover: trying to get un-banned from a game/toy store
Old Spice: Sun
Chris-chan Theatre: Awkward Avenger, a play in one act
Tool Academy Episode 1
looking for an internet boyfriend part 2
Chris Chan is now a Juggalo
Worst crashes from the Red Bull Soapbox Race
Pole Dance Cat Fight
Lady language teachers caught bumpin' doughnuts by janitor
Chris-chan: Family Gay
Chris-Chan - Holiday Greetings
Chis-chan attempts parkour
Chris-chan cries about another imaginary girlfriend lost
Chris-Chanukkah: The Reveal
Chris-Chan lifts weights
Chris-Chan apologizes for 9/11 video
Chris-Chanukkah: It will never end
Chris-Chanukka: Twin Falling Towers
Chris-Chan: Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
Dale Gribble is a Hooters girl.
King of the Hill - Cotton's Post-Mortem Letter
Disgruntled_Goat is angry about Halo3 ads
1930s fashion predictions
Henkei Go Flasher
The Secret World of Alex Mack
Kayne West interrupting the President's Speech on Healthcare
Roosters Bust up a Rabbit Fight
Scientology Eats Out
Handicapped people are better than you
Chris-chan - CWC only accepts IN-PERSON FEMALE Encounters
Auto-Tune the News #2: pirates. drugs. gay marriage.
Cop Thinks He Overdosed on Marijuana
Legend of Zelda on Thermin
Sexy English accent
Les Misbarack
Ozzy Osbourne gets by
'Ultrapin' virtual pinball machine in rio de janeiro
Stock trader interrupts live news broadcast
Italian woman puts wimpy white boyfriend in washer, pulls out black guy whom she prefers
Anar's Story
Rant: Hotel room stupidity
The Amazing Lyrebird
Backyard wrestling - The Mike Levy incident
Betty Boop-1933-The Old Man of the Mountain
Discovery channel: 'I Love The Whole World'
Awkward 'girls next door' writhe in spandex
Superfriends: Argument

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