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Favorited Videos
Who Killed Captain Alex trailer
Morning news show tries to interview Everything is Terrible
Alex Karras Tells You To Buy Transformers RIGHT NOW (1985).
Center Core Never More
Top 10 Godfrey Ho worst dubbing/dialog/acting moments
Insane Chase Scene from Alluda Majaka
William Shatner vs. Richard Simmons
Raptor mascot eats it
Why Cecco Beppe Does Not Die
Horrible Nose-less Batman Kid.
Slow Motion bullet impacts
'The Golden Age of Video' by Ricardo Autobahn
old man and hornets
High Five NYC
Petey Wheatstraw performs a miracle
Stop Calling Bill O'Reilly A Homo
Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend
Some things are just badass.
Han Solo, P.I.
Shimura Zoo - Skateboarding Chimpanzee
5-Second Films - Robodog
Black Man Verbally Annihilates White Jewish Girl
The Kettenkrad.
The Mike Tyson!? Movie
SlapChop ad run through an autotuner
Autotune Martin Luther King, Jr.
Surviving Edged Weapons
Louise Brooks 'Pandora's Box' tribute.
Stephanie McMahon & Zach Gowen vs. The Big Show
Buster Keaton defies logic, death to make you laugh
captain america in star wars
Ventrilo Harassment - Peggy and Duke Nukem
Molten Iron Throwing
U Can't Touch Mormon Jesus
Ricky Gervais on Sesame Street
Big Trouble in Little China - Light Comin' Out of His Mouth.
Gene Simmons in 'Never Too Young To Die' (1986)
Microsoft Songsmith does Crazy Train
Rev. Joseph Lowery's Inaugural Benediction.
Big Bear, Doing Thangs
High School Prom Meets Furries
Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it)
Beaver and Buttface (1995)
Holden Commodore, the crash test.
The Call to Dunkirk
Highlights from the 2008 Minnesota Senate recount
Powder 2: Powder to the People
The Wonder Boner
Man on sport bike fights traffic ticket.
Lazytown, with special guest star Lil Jon
Cartoon Network Rickrolls the Macy's Parade
Black Dynamite - Red Band Trailer
TF2 Mass AI
President-Elect Barack Obama
TF2 griefing starring Demonius X
Voltron Sprite Hip-Hop Commercials (All Five of Them)
The Just Jeans Winter Sale.
Wassup? 2008
The Human Tornado - Chase Scene.
Best Cover of 'The Final Countdown'
Ron Paul'08
FoxNews Frank Luntz Revealed
Black Belt Jones - First Dojo Fight.
Black Belt Jones - You Don't Need These.
Cynthia 'Sporadic Crazy Eyes' McKinney claims DOD killed 5000 prisoners during Katrina
Bill O'Reilly interviews Marilyn Manson
Batman Begins - Alternate mask scene
Joe Son: History's Greatest MMA Fighter.
Anon trolls Oprah
Inappropriate Inflatable Kid's Slide
The Six Million Dollar Man: Bigfoot.
Hee Haw - jokes in the cornfield with Johnny Cash
scene from Petey Wheatstraw
I don't know what a zorb is
A Nation of Consumers
Short Circuit II - Los Locos.
Dog TKs kid
Shaolin Soccer
Aging Fench nationalist gives Sarkozy & company an earful at the European Parliament
I can break these cuffs! You can't break those cuffs.
Wheelchair bound man travels by Dalek.
Robot Commando (circa 1959)
Ghostbusters Chilean Division
Tracy Morgan on WGN News.
Black Hole? I Think You Mean White Hole
Shawn Michaels mocks Hogan by overselling
Mega Wicker Man
Catus Jack Asks for a Chair
News anchor accidentally annouces the death of a colleague
We decided to make a ramp van.
Juggalo Baby Funeral
Helicopter Rescue From Crane Fire
Gary Kasparov vs. Peniscopter
Redneck Carnival Ride
Samurai Cop - Parking Lot Rumble
Girl Caught Shoplifting Cries for Mom
Best porn intro ever!

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