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Todd Bentley Heals Colon Cancer
09/01/08, 22:19

I didn't like the text either, but all of the raw Ted Bentley videos were too long and I'm too lazy to edit and upload a video.

Also, they were starting to make me sick; after this one, I called it a day.

Search for any of the tags on YouTube for plenty more crazy. They're probably on god.tv too, but I've had enough religion for a while.
Go to hell
09/01/08, 16:54

She wasn't in Iraq. She voted from Detroit.
Go to hell
09/01/08, 16:54

Googled her name and it appears she was filmed voting in the Iraqi election in Detroit, not Iraq.

Makes it a bit less interesting, but still funny.
Muslims kill their kids for a fairy tale heaven
09/01/08, 11:03

Coincidence or Allah(twat) interceding?: I watched a couple of EyesSeeee videos this morning. The comments (especially Christian fundy vs. Islamic fundy) are awesome.
Trailer Park Boys - Jalapeno
09/01/08, 05:34

Best comedy series ever.
Emergency Warning For Office Workers
08/30/08, 13:10

Wow! ae911truth.org claims 443 architecture and engineering professionals. Their movement is ballooning: once they convince another 10,000 - 20,000, they'll be able to claim 1% of their colleagues.
Diddy makes a gas joke
08/30/08, 12:35

Useless Air would have been a more appropriate airline choice.
Emergency Warning For Office Workers
08/30/08, 08:16

Holy shit the youtube comments.
Recumbent motorcyclist texts message.
08/30/08, 04:45

Yeah, dupe, but it would have been almost impossible to find because the original had shit for keywords.
How to plug something into a USB slot.
08/30/08, 04:40

At a quick glance, their cookies seem benign and most of them are temporary. However, I wouldn't recommend joining their site; from their privacy policy:

'Your Consent to Email Notice: We generally do not send "commercial e-mails" (e.g., e-mails whose primary purpose is to advertise a product or service); if we do, we will provide any "opt-out" choice required by applicable law. We reserve the right to communicate with you about any subject matter of the Terms or any other subject matter not prohibited by law.'
Youngconservative is definitely not racist
08/30/08, 04:19

+1 for "I believe that humans are divine."

okay blah blah okay blah okay blah blah... Do people not watch their own videos before posting?
Biggest showboat in boxing history
08/30/08, 02:06

Much better quality. Can we use "update dead link" to "update shit quality link"?
08/30/08, 01:53

5 stars for nostalgia, and "recuerdos a todos."
22 final bosses in 5 minutes
08/29/08, 17:30

I wish HL: Opposing Force had been in there. I want to know how many times you have to shoot that fucker in the eye. The game overall was pretty good, but I never had the patience to get through the final boss.
Barack Obama Acceptance Speech
08/29/08, 16:25

"Statesman: a person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues."
I do not free base cocaine
08/29/08, 10:43

That's what we called it back in the day. I'm probably old enough to be your dad.
Vampire Larpers try to shoot each other.
08/28/08, 00:10

the fuck?
DemoniusX responds to the Breaking Dawn haters hater
08/28/08, 00:07

Sorry, this may be a dupe of http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=35814 (Big vs. Fat), but I'm not sure since I didn't watch that one, and "update dead link" is missing from its page anyway. He did post it (as DemoniusQ) in response to the fat vampire girl.

im getting really sick of the breaking dawn haters!!
08/27/08, 23:54

DemoniusX weighs in:

KoroOutbreak responds to spikebravo
08/21/08, 13:31


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