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I'm Voting Republican
Clerks 2: Porch Monkeys
Laser Lords (CDi) Montage
Happy Hour
Barack Obama on Religion
Castlevania for gameboy commercial
Pokemon Card Murder Mystery
Jamaica commerical 1978
The Internet Is For Porn
Avenue Q: Everyone's A Little Bit Racist
Juliana Wetmore - The Girl with half a face
A Scanner Darkly - Freck's suicide trip
Waterloo Sunset
Ozymandias toy commercial
Brain Candy - Lights Out
Why Kirsten Dunst drinks
Macbeth -- Polanski
Let's Sing with Popeye
Phuket Vegetarian Face Piercing Festival
Chaos Wars - Intro
Avenue Q: What Do You Do With A B.A. In English (It Sucks To Be Me)
Sexy Cowgirl
McCain: A Christian Nation Needs a Christian President
meteorite collision!
Bis - Eurodisco
The fart slap
I, Claudius - Messalina challenges a prostitute
Kids in the Hall - Bim Bam Baby
Denis Leary: The Asshole Song
Mathman: True or False
The Prisoner - uncut opener
Avenue Q: Schadenfreude
Johnny B. Goode
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
C.I.A. (Criminals In Action)
Zero Punctuation - Oblivion
Rock-n-Roll Suicide
Barack Obama Victory Speech
Lyndon LaRouche - 9/11 Was An Inside Job Oct 10th 2007
MST3K: Mac vs PC
Jailhouse Rap
I Got a Thing
Cinematic Titanic Episode Two Promo - Doomsday Machine
Bo Diddley
Alien captured on CCTV
The Laughing Song
Lego Donkey Kong
Walk Like a Man
RoboJew vs. Giant Nazi Woman of the SS
Fox News Reports on Cyberbullies Targetting Young Girls.
Black Hula
Two Very Hungry Kittens
Paula Abdul Doesn't Like Her Guest House
Jeanne Bice Tells QVC Why Judaism Sucks
Wii Fit Girl
Pat Robertson Overheard During Commercial
Monty Python - silly voices at the police station
Nearly Deaparted
Ventertainment-Bill O'Reilly
China, IL
After the Fox - Burt Bacharach
All You Need Is Love
Stephen Murdoch - IQ Testing and Nazi Eugenics
Some Christian views on gay marriage
BBC News on EpicNoseGuy's court summons
Telemarketer Fall
The Hunger - opening scene
The Door to Hell
Yiddisher Charleston
Aliens: The Arcade Game Speedrun
New Toy
Aguas de Mar¨o
Wake Me Up When September Ends
lol, internet (YTMND)
Frank Rizzo for Mayor
Lou Dobbs Crumbles When Asked for Proof
Ewoks Vs. Predator
The Final Programme - trailer
Monkeys raid beach front bars for booze.
Cholesterol Sandwich
Michigan Stage 1 Ending
Walt Disney World Eastern Airlines 1971 ad
Olbermann Slams Clinton for RFK Remarks
Boot to the Head
Acceptable in the 80s
Weird Al - The Indiana Jones Parody
Mars and Beyond: complete film
Mars and Beyond: complete film
David Cross - The Pride Is Back
Frank Zappa on 'Make Me Laugh', 1978
Towa Tei - Luv Connection
Zero Punctuation - Painkiller
The World's Most Offensive Joke
The Six Million Dollar Man
Speed Racer X opening
Put 'Em On The Glass
Ever So Clear

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