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77 Cat Breeds in 4 and a half minutes - phew!
11/18/10, 07:17

Make me miss my cat, who died last year :C
'Hogans Heroes Orgy Scene' from 'Autofocus'
11/09/10, 23:41

Here's the link in case you're curious
Clint Howard on the Obama Tax Hikes
10/27/10, 09:36

So, is he still on speaking terms with Ron?
Hippie Temptation
10/25/10, 19:16

0:31 It's the "Full House" LOL
These well-educated liberal middle-class kids want people to live in peace and harmony and listen to their hard rock jams.

Was this a forerunner to Fox?
Paula Deen Heart Attack
10/18/10, 11:55

When I was in Savannah, a few years ago, there was a line around the block to get into her resturant! Maybe it's a Southern thing!
Eurofurence 16 - Fursuit Parade (HD!)
10/14/10, 20:11

The guy on the scooter
The Lioness in the Britney Spears school girl uniform
The guys who point and wave at the audence!
The Horse in the Hawaiian shirt
The line getting held up
The German Shepherd blow kisses
the real dog who won't shut up!
The fox with the sign
the dog with the California flag who shakes the little girl's hand
the photographer wearing the tails
On September 11th, Obama & Olbermann do not represent me
10/05/10, 22:45

He also seems to use a lot of Gangsta Rap along with Metal in his vidoes!
Stewart! Colbert! Pelosi! Sharpton! RESTORING SANITY at the mall
10/05/10, 11:40

and that's not the one with Chris Farley, am I right!
Civilization II Council (Ancient Times)
10/02/10, 11:43

These guy need to be in a YTP!
Stewart and Colbert's Resore Obama rally
09/30/10, 11:53

These are the same people who call Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, "The Three Stooges" to make them look like idiots, not realizing that people like The Three Stooges, because they're cool and funny!
Stewart and Colbert's Resore Obama rally
09/30/10, 11:49

Even the Palinites hate this guy! Poor fellow, he just wants some love!
Stewart and Colbert's Resore Obama rally
09/29/10, 20:58

For some odd reason, this video is pouplar in Egypt
Alice In Wonderland Trailer
09/27/10, 22:21

Go watch Jonathan Miller's verison, not this shit!
Team Doink Survivor Series 1993
09/26/10, 12:45

I do Cocaine!
Camp Candy - John Candy's sad, sad cartoon
09/25/10, 13:01

Don't forget the "Bob and Doug" cartoon, which aired on Canadian TV a year or so ago!
Christmas With A Capital C - trailer
09/17/10, 23:03

If the Tea Party wins in Novemver this will replace Rudolph as the annual Holiday classic
Lion King IV
09/08/10, 18:47

Show this to those IdeaWiki/Crossover Fag kids!
Disney's BLAM! - Up
09/06/10, 23:04

I found my new favorite thing
Doug Live!
09/06/10, 16:30

You should see the ideas they have for Disney shit on IdeaWiki, they're worse than these!
Anthrocon 2010 Fursuit Parade!
09/06/10, 12:18

I went ahead and watched part two and here are some the highlights
The Realistic looking deer guy from One Peice
The Sabretooth lion with the stone ax
The Punk Wolf acting like Fonzie
The kid with the blue hair (looks like somebody I went to High School with)
The Huskey Wolf in the Slap Shot uniform
The bird thing with the fish in his mouth
The Pastel Day-Glo spotted thing with a binky
The Dalmatian with the toy mammoth
The fox in the tuttu
The Hawaiian fox with the ukealie
The pre-teen girl with the pink bunny ears
The Caveman Cheetah thing who loses control of his wheel
The Boda Fett looking guy right next to the guy dressed like the Fox from Pinnochio!
The '94 World Cup mascot
The Tea-bagger/Libertaraian Bunny
The Crossing Guards
The Canadian Indian Cheif Wolf (there are a LOT of Canadians here!)
The Girl with the Orange Furry Leg Warmers
The furry blowing the Vulzulva

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