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McDonald's ad from 1988
The Baby (1973)
Jim Henson's Perfect Strangers Babies
Rod Stewart sings 'Full House'
Dragonball GT and Sailor Moon shill eye drops
The Triangle Factory Fire according to the ILGWU
Pee Wee Herman on Broadway 'Horror' Teaser
Pee-Wee and Francis played by kids
Pee Wee on Regis and Kelly
Pee Wee is the 'Luckiest Boy in the World!'
'Talking' Llama
Paddington Marmite ad
Dinosaurs: The Afterlife Show
Rap Rat Video Board Game
New York Lottery-Sweet Million
In Memory of Cate and Cole
Marmaduke: Wrath of Darkness
Krazy Kat, the 1960s cartoon
The Making of 'Meet the Feebles'
Neverending Story III- All Jack Black scenes
Marines ad from 1991
The Boob Tube Show
Luvs-Heavy Dooty Champ
Live Action Darkwing Duck
The Annie Christmas Special
Arabella as 'Annie'
Explosion of a Motor Car (1900)
Help My Snowman is Burning Down
Disney's Wizard of Oz-Patchwork Girl meets the Scarecrow
OMG Marvel made Thor a scary black guy!
1990's Poloroid Christmas ad
Explodey the Pup in Ren Höek's 'I like Pink'
Dudley Moore and Peter Cook: Facts of Life
Richard Nixon plays the piano
Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
Alan Bennett gives some advice
CSI-Fur and Loathing
Barney and Blarney
Not Only, But Also- Caveman sketch
Devo remember Devo 2.0
MadTV-Take Back America tour
Jon Stewart called the President 'Dude'
Obama on Daily Show, hater/troll response
Rally to Restore Sanity- Taiwanese Style
Commander Cash commericals
Disneyland Dream
Rely Tampons
MrTimotheus85: more on 'Restore Obama Rally'
Stewart! Colbert! Pelosi! Sharpton! RESTORING SANITY at the mall
Jon Stewart The People's Fake Champion Is Merely Court Jester
Ziggy cartoons
Stewart and Colbert's Resore Obama rally
Bible Belt State Puts First Retarded Woman to Death
Book It
Cartoon Network's downfall!
Little Richard, James Brown, and Weird Al on Wheel of Fortune
HR Pufenstuf face painting
Mickey's Mellerdrammer
Doug the Live Action Movie
Doug the movie
Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob respond to 'Hippie' allegations
Doug Live!
Milo and Otis: IRL
Milo and Otis (full movie)
Weird Al narrates a music video
I Wanna Get Me A Gun
Wrack my BrainNot Rated
James Doohan in Trekkies
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century episode 1
Little geek sings 'Lapti Nek'
Ghostbusters PSA
Planet of the Apes test film
Laser Tag Acadamy
Chimp Lips Theatre
Apple Bra
Jonathan Miller's Alice in Wonderland
'Ambush in Waco' TV ad, 1993
Three Stooges PC Game
FriendsNot Rated
Movie night in the Ex-Gay-Program
Snoopy says 'Bleah'
Wolf in House
Christopher Knight learns of a Brady porno film
Dinosaurs-Puppet Show
Heidi Game
Lion at London Zoo (1895)
Japanese Alarm Clock
Mr. Canoehead
Reactions to History's Kennedy Miniseries
Jonah Hex vs Toy Story
Kiss Interview from 1979Not Rated
Barbie is based on a sex toy!
Minnie's Yoo Hoo
Adult Baby models his 'cute' diapers
Courtney Love on 'Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes'
Ween in 'It's Pat'
Fake Buckwheat
Tooner1994 makes some phone calls
Mother's Little Helper

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