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Wet willie in front of TV cameras and Jesus Christ
Dianne Feinstein gets a lecture from Ted Cruz...
Small Penis Prank
dolan r u fukin sirus
Chemtrails over Southern Calif. 2006
Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
i are cute kitten
He knows you're alone.
Eminem talks about the Left 4 Dead Witch
Matrix Cat Fight (Neo kitty vs. Smith puppies)
Man Jumps on Egg, Doesn't Break It
dog playing with ball machine
Glen Danzig talks about Jeet Kune Do
Funk Vigilante - Worst President Ever
Dumb Black Voters
Swedish disco video
More bailout hate
Two Dudes Interrupt CNN with innapropriate rubbing
Ellen DeGeneres calls a woman named Gladys
Devil Sheep
Wife Playing with a Gun
Ricky Gervais tries to pick up a chick
A Rather Irate Woman on a Train.
The Mummers' Dance
keith hackney vs. emmanuel yarborough
German weightlifting accident
Eugene Mirman - Primary Coverage
Night Goat
Green River
Wiccan Hex new report
Batman dance
Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot
Seinfeld in Oz
Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Call
Helms - Fat Bird (live)
Stuntman Forever!
Elvis Costello - Radio Radio (SNL restart)
Cradle of Filth - Cthulhu Dawn
Axe - The Bomchickawahwahs
Christopher Walken Pulp Fiction Monologue
Pikku G - Me Ollaan Nuoriso
QBasic Nerd
Star Wars battle re-enacted by hands
No More Kings - Sweep the Leg
Blue Dragon (xbox360) - boss fight
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Italian Theme)
Reh Dogg - Why Must I Cry?
Fascinating intro to the Apple Lisa
Freestylin' at McDonalds
The Real Brian Atene
Lord of the Rings by George Lucas
Hush Boy
The Incredible Mouth Band
Ventriloquism 101 with Michael and Sammy (The Letters M and P)
Dog Police
Air guitar to 'Hardrock Hallelujah'
Well Excuuuse Me, Princess!
Cibo Matto "Sugar Water"
Step In To My Office, Baby

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