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Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Han Shot First!
San Diego FOX reporter assaulted on camera.
Police Taser Neck Beard at Occupy DC
Real Water infomercial
Super Toilet Can Flush Anything
Behemothic bunny calmly allows itself to be manhandled by an unknown man
CHARGERTRON - 1980's toy commercial
4 year old girl barely restrains herself from mauling mom's barely-conscious missing-link ex-bf
Paper airplane gliding semi-infinitely on currents from a piece of cardboard
i am going think about so i will remove turkey maybe will or not
Bad Dudes ending
America was Korean Territory
Your Porn Addiction Will Not Fix You
Giorgio Tsoukalos un-debunking magic
Kid Screaming At Black Ops PART 4
Girl In Car Flashes Her Bra & Then...
29 year old woman, born deaf, hearing her voice for the first time.
Cyberbully - U wouldn't know ur gay
Zartan is The Master Of Disguise
Leonard Nimoy advertises Magnavision
Optimus Prime's Magic Show.
Roseanne's darkest moment
Alien Resurrection test footage
The Swarm - Giant Bee
Judge rules that white girl will be tried as a black adult
Japanese lounge singer butchers Weill's 'Alabama Song'.
Duke Nukem Forever (2011) trailer
Rad Atari 7800 commercial from 1990
Tetris - The Animated Series
Scratch the owl.
Costumed females in Halloween brawl in Oakland Denny's.
McDonalds McRib: My first time eating one! (My Opinion)
So you want to get a PhD in the Humanities?
Yo Gabba Gabba - Nathaniel
Karate woman screams a lot
Why the Blue Ranger left 'The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'
Rat Takes A Bath!
'Gangster' pulls gun on Skater, beatdown ensues.
Skateboarder lives up to his promise.
Insane Oakland Burger King fight
Hitler Starfish
giant spider crab sheds its shell
Good commercial for a terribly named hospital.
Lego Printer
Rap Against Rape
Atheists know God exists!
Justin Bieber Doesnt know what German Is..
Ninja Commandments - The Actual Ninja Commandments.
Ninja Destroyer - A Ninja Strategy Meeting.
Four minutes of rats playing basketball
UW-Milwaukee student arrested in class.
Billy Zane talks about his spirtual side
Expert advice on the killer whale problem from the one man who knows the true treachery of the sea
Dashcam footage: Mouthy grandma gets tasered.
Two Elderly Ukrainians vs. Two Young Hip Ukrainians
Horrible Nose-less Batman Kid.
5 Second films: Watch this!!!
jussst ashlee.
Stop remixing me a homo!
Korean girl injects cooking oil into her face
Don't grunt in Planet Fitness
The Day Science Took Over
Stop calling me a homo!
X-Men Evolution: Girl Power
Transvestite run over by truck
Listen up youtube!
Japanese girl slip n slide
Man with Obama sticker on monkey doll notices he's on camera.
Traci Lords - 'Control'
Truly Awful female Stand-up
Roof Skateboarder Falls Through Skylight
Very Angry Mother.
Japanese Fanta Commercials (subtitled)
Ninja Terminator - Death Threat Scene
Jem and the Holograms - Deceptacon
Modern Starfleet Officer
Top That from Teen Witch
Uwe Boll's Pac-Man
Bananas, proof that God exists
Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006
Don't sit on a Pyro Truck
The Easter Bunny Hates You
Sex Education for Trainables - No, Sandy!
Half Life 2 Banana Phone
Great Moments in Product Naming
Drunk Girl
Nintendo Power Commercial
Face Meets Bumper
WWF Roof Play
Pretty Girls

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