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John McCain Hates the Bloggers
How to prove the existence of god in 1 minute
Cholesterol Sandwich
Sandy Davis: 'Obama's a Racist'
Zero Punctuation: Zack & Wiki
Zero Punctuation - Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Lasagna Cat - 06/15/2007
Fox News and the Horror of Xbox Live
Batman - The Terrific Siamese Human Knot
Fat Man shows off his underwear
Gerardo - Rico Suave
Capybara petting
George Carlin - Baseball and Football
Golden Eagle vs. Deer
Furries in Pittsburgh
Lesbian Gang Epidemic
Republica - Ready To Go
Rufus Wainwright - Going To a Town
"Proof evolution is an evil lie from Satan (the devil)."
Oh dear god a screaming frog.
Fred Phelps on Jerry Falwell
Glock 18 Gun Porn
ABC 4 Utah - Talk to your kids about emo
My Baby in super slow-mo
Hillary Clinton wants YOU to pick her campaign song
Toddler Gets Kicked by Breakdancer
Timothy Leary vs. Art Linkletter
Face Off - Does God Exist?
Teenangels Cyberbullies
Challenge to Evolutionists and Atheists - Woodpecker
Black Kid White Parents Paternity Test
Two-Foot Tall Pregnant Woman
Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Worst Cover Ever
Lion attack!
Halo vs. Metroid, Spartan vs. Samus
Way of the Warrior fatalities resubmit
Angry Mom with Atheist Son
Chomsky Vs. Foucault, Part 1
Vampires Are Alive
Rocky Anderson kicks Bill O'Reilly's butt
Laura Ingraham vs. Bill O'Reilly
Katie Couric interviews John Edwards
Rachael Ray goes MMMM
I am the fat girl.
My Whole Family...
Kenneth Eng
The Best of Ralph Wiggum
Fox News: Red Eye
I'm Gonna F@#k Your Mom
Richard Dawkins on Paula Zahn Now
Paula Zahn Atheism Controversy Panel After Dawkins Interview
Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
Paula Zahn hosts a discussion regarding atheist discrimination for CNN
Joyful Praise - 9/11 Tribute
Kent Hovind's intro to YEC prehistory and linguistics
Purity Ball - Resubmit
Ray Comfort banana argument rebuttal
Windows 386 Song
Ted Kennedy is Sick of This Crap
Raising Arizona-Lone Biker of the Apocalypse
Alberto Gonzales questions Habeas corpus
Team America - I'm So Ronery
Gilbert Gottfried Dirty Jokes Snippet
Sylvia Browne screws up AGAIN
Peter's darkest secret
Double Dare "Wine-making" Physical Challenge
Trading Spouses - God Warrior
Paula Abdul is a mess.
The Hobbling Scene from Misery
More from the 'Stop Eating' Youtube argument
Psychic Sylvia Browne takes a guess on the Montel show
Don's Guns ad
The Real Chipmunks voices
Lewis Black on Larry King - Frozen Embryos
Sexual Repression Lollapalooza 2006
Rev. Ricky's John Lenon tribute
Rev. Ricky: Pink Triangle Denial
Abortion Train To Heaven and Yugoslavia.
Maplewood Drug Bust
TENACIOUS D - Jack Black on Piracy
Deathwish 3 - Bronson mows down some people with a machinegun
A pool filled with non-Newtonian fluid
Genesis Does What Nintendon't
Crazy Kitten Klaud
Bart the General
Good Day, Mr. Kubrick
Jay and Silent Bob - extra scene from Clerks 2
Inside Edition - Bill O'Reilly Super Mario Brothers Report
Tyra Banks is freaking insane
The Human Tornado - Dolemite-Fu in Action!
Age of the Earth - Creationist Kent Hovind
Jackass - Taxi
IvyGate: Worst Resume Ever
Ex-President Clinton Speaks About Why the Neocons Wanted to Attack Saddam
Picking a winner!
Frank Zappa on CNN's Crossfire (1986)
The Sisters of Mercy - Black Planet
Disk System Super Mario Bros minus world
Snorlax Owns!

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