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Civilization: Beyond Earth
04/15/14, 00:01

It describes that in the transcendence ending there are those that opted not to get assimilated, as it was voluntary, and instead took adaptive nano-tech to active the same thing and return to Earth. The whole point was that Planet was about to have an uncontrolable 'bloom' that would destroy all biological life, so those that didn't join had to stay out in space on stations or in freeze pods. There was also a reference to some reforming their bodied with the fungus from planet and animating them. It was all quite weird, Original Star Trek stuff.

I also did a vote victory and a miltary victory, they are the same, just a bit of text that mentions that now you are unified, and thus you can face whatever is coming as one species. I suspect that just means you all die anyway, since the 'flowering' destroys everything, including the intelligence of Planet itself.

For all the slick quotes, the interlude text was written like a drunk L. Ron Hubbard. It was much cooler going with the implied plot that features suggested endings to each faction separately from each other (and regardless of the gameplay for your game) through the quotes more than the actually plot itself.
Civilization: Beyond Earth
04/14/14, 10:53

I played a game on easy from beginning to Trancendance victory yesterday due to this news. I didn't see so much dark humor as I saw the really slick presentation of fake quotes that build this awesome unspoken narrative. Deirdre becomes the voice of the planet, Morgan Industries goes to space and ditches the planet, the University faction are destroyed by their own hubris, Spartans are overwhelmed with mind worms, the religious faction stays in the stone age and becomes progressively anti-technology couldn't figure out what happened to the UN or the Hive. Of course, this is all secondary to the narrative created by your choice of victory condition, but the quotes tell a story if you notice the progression.

And It's totally the space hippies that get the happy ending. If becoming one with a planet-sized sentient fungus is a happy ending.
Civilization: Beyond Earth
04/14/14, 10:44

Yep. Rejoice!
Civilization: Beyond Earth
04/14/14, 09:18

Pretty much. Alpha Centauri by name is owned by EA, so Firaxis can't use the actual IP.
Garfield Animation Collab 2: The Next Mutation
04/13/14, 20:51

I am torn. On one hand, Garfield is terrible. On the other, these weirdo projects wouldn't exist without it.
Spock Mind Rapes Valeris
04/13/14, 12:41

Yeah, I felt the same. I was young enough to think that First Contact was a really good movie and then I never watched it again. Then the Plinkett review shatteredthe memory and iupon second viewing, it's not only a terrible Trek movie, it's kinda just terrible.

It';s a shame. I consider TNG series to the the definition of the whole franchise. Still very optimistic but with enough flies thrown in the ointment to show that it's not utopia, combined with production values taht were fairly good for the time. TOS was great for being bizzare and having whatever plot the writers dreamed up but didn't have the production values it needed and DS9 tried to be too 'gritty'. And Voyager was Voyager, Enterprise was....fuck, I don't even know what Enterprise was.

Blah, I guess I'm just a Trek fan? I dunno, seems like it.
Spock Mind Rapes Valeris
04/13/14, 01:12

The general rule is that the even numbered movies are the good ones. 2 is largely everyones favorite and works as a sci-fi actiony sort of this, 4 is probably the best on the qualities of being a movie because it sort of drops pretension and just has fun with itself, 6 was a good sendoff to the characters and an ok political plot story.

Conversely, the odd numbered ones are to be avoided at all costs. The first one is the most tolerable yet also shockingly boring. It's basically a very long, talky episode of the old show. Not the worst story but just too goddamn long. 3 was revisionist cowardly puff-peice, basically a fan-fic there the erased the ending whole point of the second movies ending. The 5 movie is Shatner saying 'Fuck you, dad!' to god while making himself some sort of elderly adonis.

And the the TNG movies are their own category and generally not great. The Plinket reviews of them are the best way to see them.
Spock Mind Rapes Valeris
04/12/14, 06:11

Well, not the EXACT same character. They were technically different characters, it wasn't recast.
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 21:49

You had me for the first part of that comment, and then you started comparing yourself to Jesus and talking heads and black homosexuals and none of those things relate to another and this is where you lose me.

Listen, there are merits to media that don't demonize, or even glamorize smoking. Are they factually accurate? No. are they part of a style? Yes. There is nothing wrong with a smoking cartoon meant for adults. There Is something wrong with blowing smoke in a toddlers face. They are separate, unrelated things. Don't take my telling you that you are right about smoking being bad as approval for your delusional expectation that there should be a directly relatable comeuppance for smoking whenever it's depicted. You are still totally nuts.
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 17:45

It's very often anime that brings this stuff out, isn't it?
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 17:42

Oddeye, on one hand, you are totally right about smoking and the tobacco companies and the irresponsibility of second-hand smoke. On the other hand, you are being an asshole and no one listens to an asshole, regardless of how right they may be. You kill your own argument with this expectation for media to conform to your prescribed morality. That is what everyone here is laughing at you for. Not because they disagree, it's pretty common opinion that smoking is terrible these days. You may find that not coming on so strong actually strengthens an argument.

I am going to take a guess and say that such strong feelings come from a personal tragedy in your life. A kid in your family or a friend dying from cancer or other problems due to second hand smoke. I mean, I can only asume that is what could make someone irrationally demand media demonize any representation of smoking regardless of context or format. If that is the case, than I am sorry for your loss, but screaming on the internet is not really how you will affect anything resembling positive change. Especially considering that this is a cartoon, for adults, from another country, purposefully using traits from noir and was produced nearly 20 years ago. It has good traits and negative traits and all those things are in the eye of the beholder. Not liking it is fine, and for that reason is fine, but it's hardly objective. And vilifying any character that possesses a negative trait is a poor, bland way to look at media of any form. It's the view of a zealot, and zealotry of ANY cause is more harmful than anything else I know on Earth, including cigarettes.

Anyway, as I said before, you are acting kinda nuts, or trollish, and I really should stop engaging. I kinda hope you are a troll, to be honest, because the only reasons I can think to motivate you otherwise are fairly tragic.
Pope Francis Recounts his Time as a Bouncer
04/10/14, 17:14

Zest...Bouncer...?...! Zest is Rouchbud!!!!
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 13:01

Listen, oddeye. I really get grossed out at depictions of ritualized or methodical violence due to the concept of people coldly enacting these preconceived ideas, i.e. serial killer stuff. Due to this, I never watched Dexter despite the recommendations of everyone around me. I think that it's fine for Dexter to exist, but I knew that I was going to have a problem watching it, so I didn't. I didn't demand there be some violence-free version or it, or that it should be shut down, I just didn't watch it. It was profoundly easy not to watch it. The problem was solved.

I don't think it's got to be black hat/white hat morality in shows or movies or games or what have you. Moral abiguity is a driving force in making characters interesting because it humanizes them. There are no clear cut good people/bad people. It's just people and the actions they take through life, some good, some bad. How that tally balances out is largely variable in the eyes of the beholder, but it's never been all one side or the other.

Thus, I don't think it's a reasonable judgment to see that someone smokes and equate that to a war crime or demand that they get some comeuppance for that specific thing. If life was about keeping the karmic balance at a perfect 0:0 ratio, not one human being would be left alive or at least have a life worth living. And all media would be bland, gray, inoffensive garbage.

Of course, as it's been stated here, you are clearly insane or trolling right now for whatever reason, which means I'm engaging with a crazy person or troll on the internet, which in turn means I must be feeling a little crazy myself. I don't recall you being crazy in past comments, but maybe I just never noticed. Either way, I can't imagine you being all the fun at parties.
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 08:51

I think oddeye is the entire graduating class of The Evergreen State College in 2001.
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Elektra
04/10/14, 08:50

As for Cowboy Bepop, I'd recommend it for the most part. A lot of it doesn't hold up 15 years later, but there are still some decent episodes. I never really liked the movie, though. I always thought it's stand alone episodes are best.

Of course, it's all moot if you require an iron lung scene or a PSA about the dangers of smoking to watch it. You know, it's not the worlds job to bend to your personal quirks. It's a sylistic choice since this show used a lot of noir tropes. If you don't want to see it, don't watch it.
Game of Thrones Most Extreme Moments
04/09/14, 07:33

Quest for the 50-50 Grind to Ollie-Fakey Christ Air.
Sex Tape: Red Band Trailer
04/08/14, 17:17

I know, right? I still like him, but Jesus does he have a depressing imdb page.
Let me bang, bro.
04/08/14, 11:52

But...who or what does he wish to 'bang' and how are these other gentleman preventing him from achieving said 'banging'. Or does 'bang' mean something else on this show?
VICE - Permanently Temporary
04/06/14, 21:14

Jeeze. That last scene in part 5. Fucking tragic.
Let's Drown Out... Silent Hill
04/05/14, 20:23

Ass to this that this was a 'No Map' run. He has been doing this for some time now, the concept is to play something boring and then talk about gaming news over it, and occasionally about the game they are playing. Hence it's title 'Let's Drown out". Like a podcast, sorta. The problem is that they keep selecting good games and get distracted, making it a bit more like a let's play. Still, regardless of that, it's entertaining to listen to guys doing any let's play that aren't trying to be cartoon characters. Reminds me of how entertaining let's play can be when people aren't trying to get famous from it.

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