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The Elephant Show Intro
Live Coverage of the Space Shuttle Disaster, 1986
'Thriller' as performed by the monsters of Ultraman
The Candy Man Delivers PTSD To Kids
Antiques Roadshow - Champion!
The Pet Rock Music Video
Ginger Kid rants to haters
Frisky Dingo: Dago Frank
Sarah Connor is FUCKING CRAZY.
the shitwagon doin what it does
Carrot Clarinet
Gilligan's Island Theme Song (Japanese Version)
3D Mailbox: Level 2
Do you hate Juggaloes?
Cast of Hobgoblins, 20 years later
'Hope'-A German musical about Obama
School Days - BAD ENDING
Frisky Dingo: What Americans Really Want
CWC-Tok:Chris-Chan remix
Quad Bike Back Flip Gone Wrong
Bouncer auditions for Eugene Mirman
Floor Press 70kg x13powt
Chris Chan participating in Pokemania
Jay Leno doesn't want bad blood-- gives tonight show to Conan O'Brien
Man gets glasses tattooed to his face
Faith the Bipedal Dog Takes a Stroll in the Park
Chris-Chan is the Best Around.
Danny Glover blames Haiti earthquake on Copehnagen failure
Ned calls about buying a Real Doll
Fat clumsy kid showcasing his sword technique
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin - Trailer
Waterskiing in South Carolina
Domino's Pizza: The Pizza Turnaround
Giant Clam Eats Batboy
Bas Rutten Hygiene PSA - Don't Do the Flu
Angel of the North
ralph wigem space adventur
MST3K - Gypsy Doesn't Get Crow
The Master of Disguise - Turtle Club
Bigger Boobs! featuring Mr. Show's John Ennis
Old Dogs Sh*t In Your Mouth
Dancing with your dog
MST3K - Mike Shows Off His New Stereo System
Agent Smith is gay
Brigantine Castle commercial
Australian TMNT VHS ad
RC Cola - 1970's Australian Commercial
Metalosis Maligna - An Extraordinary disease
Lonnie Feeds the Seagulls
Failed Demolition of Apartments in China
Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Film Trailer
Cyborg Cop - Final Shoot-out
Star Wars with a Laughtrack.
Transformers Toy Commercial from the early 90's
Ten Minutes of Nick Arcade Lowlights
Good God, she's dead!
Chris-chan: Raging Pussy
A Jetson Christmas Carol (1985)
Orion Rocket Ascent Abort simulation
Captain Jack in Shark Attack 3
Mr. Blobby's #1 British Hit
Snowman vs. 12 Gauge
Reb Brown in Strike Commando
White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men
Waku Waku 7 - Bonus Kun
Ethan Phillips (Neelix) on what was wrong with Voyager aliens
Cat in a jacket sleeve
John Lithgow says shut up c**t for 10 minutes
You Can Now Marry Fat Man
Bionic Hand
Lonnie Stumbles Upon a Beach Wedding
Blo da damn thang up!!
Scourge of Worlds
Masqueffex Gunshot
Wapakman trailer
Papercraft Walker
Let's Enhance
Rachel Maddow on Obama's Continuance of Bush Doctrine
An Incredibly Creepy Christmas Ad.
Kids with a fire extinguisher
Half-Nude Descending a Staircase
Japanese man getting hit by car without context
Unsuccessful river jump
Clever coconut-carrying octopus caught on camera
Freerunner miscalculates spiked wall
Bobbi, the special kitty with 'dandy walker syndrome'
Nightmare on Drug Street
The Brady Kids Meet Wonder Woman
Borderlands - First Boss '9-TOES' introduction
JFK vs. Nixon - the 1960 Presidential debates
Singing android heads.
Axemaster - Slave to the Blade
The Simpsons - The End Of Frank Grimes
The botched hanging of Amon Goeth
Police Squad! starring Chris-chan
Literally, the Safety Dance
Prototype Mechanism #2

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