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Too Fat and Stupid to Fight
Crab Vending Machine
Basketball FARTS!!
'Chinese Professor' Political Ad
Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle campaign commercial urging Latinos not to vote
The Drones!
just when I thought I was out
How the US Marines SAVED the Republic - SEMPER FI ****
Meet the next hot single Wall Street millionaire!!!
Christine O'Donnell is not a witch
Alex Jones Arrested
Magpul Dynamics - The Art of the Dynamic Handgun
Haven't we done enough for you people?
Taliban Dan Webster
Christmas With A Capital C - trailer
'I was lovin' it'
My mother is afraid of Hispanics!
Disney's BLAM! - Up
90-year-old man recounts a remarkable experience he had in WWII
Elisany Silva, a 14-year-old girl is 206 centimeters tall.
'Muslim Girl takes her burka off'
Salt In The Wound
Andy Rooney is annoyed by a break in his routine
Callie Mae the Legless Cat
Sarah Palin confronted by former constituent
IED detonations in Afganistan: 2001-present
Jan Brewer reacts to judge's ruling on Arizona Immigration Law
Hornet crash
Pete and Pete: Episode 'Field of Pete'
'Pete and Pete' Mr. Tastee's Ice Cream Truck clip
Kill the Ground Zero Mosque TV Ad
Ernest J. Pagels Jr is Running for Senate
EZ Cracker Infomercial.
'New' Pac-Man Pasta!
'9500 Liberty' Documentary Trailer
Widow Lived With Corpses of Husband, Sister
Mama Grizzlies
creepy uncle sam with an annoying voice sings a song
Bigotry Wins: Hawaii Gov. Lingle Vetoes Civil Unions
'YUM! YUM!' - Jim Bender, Republican Candidate for US Senate
Rare Look Inside Bible Belt Classroom
FOX: Billboard Battle Over Pledge
Clueless congressman Pete Stark acts like a smartass
Racist 'Funny Face' drink ad
F' You
Morning Television on NBC
Gather Your Armies
COPS PORN - The Very Best of the TV Show COPS
Whiny Whitey
Unreasonable Egg
Strip Club Hiring Class of 2010
RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF ...your name .why is it all in CAPS who is your name?
Taiwanese Armed Forces recruiting commercial
Andy Rooney - I don't know who Lady Gaga is
Alabama Political Attack Ad Mocks Evolution
Complete The Danged Fence
A redneck man in Germany makes America proud
Jonah Hex (2010) trailer
Porn Stars Implore You to Buy Their Products
Tax Man Cometh
The League Against Tedium - I have the taller hat
Democrats' Rainbows and Unicorns
Hank Johnson - Guam Troop Deployment
160 Arnold Quotes
We're the Government -- and You're Not
Blazing Saddles - The French mistake
G.W. Bush wipes off his hand after shaking hands with Haitians
Rep. Broun Calls The Civil War 'The Great War Of Yankee Aggression'
The Simpsons - History's Greatest Monster
Movie Title
Goldie Hawn drops in
Ad for truther governor candidate in TX
Passing the Buck....to SAVINGS!!!
Spanish Policemen Vs Firefighters
Sand Cat Kittens
'Flagship' model aircraft.
Canadian backbencher flips the bird
Convincing your girlfriend to give a blowjob 
Fox and Friends Discuss Palin Writing on Her Hand
Arrested Development - Beads
30 Rock - Laser Shield
John McCain Makes a Mistake, is Corrected, and Politely Changes Course
Scott Brown interviewed during the 2008 RNC.
Welcome to Philly
American Idol 'Anime Girl' Audition
Objectum Sexual - Miss Guillotine
Alamogordo Tea Party Protest (Jan 2, 2010)
Bonetown game trailer
Brit Hume: Tiger Woods must become Christian to be forgiven
The U.S. Communist Revolution is Near
NewsBusted: 12/18/09
Christmas is Cancelled!
Lazy Afghanistan Army
NCIS 'Power Down' Episode opening.
Dragging a sled behind a pickup truck
Sex Trek

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