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Orly Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama 'Out Of Office In 30 Days'
10/10/09, 15:55

No white people tag. This should be one starred every day that this is not remedied.
Al Franken on the drugging and raping of a KBR employee
10/10/09, 02:13

How about a bill banning those stupid fucking arbitration clauses in all capacities of all contracts? As if they these things couldn't get more one sided in favor of a company, now even cell phone providers realize they can shield themselves from lawsuit if they include these in their agreements.
Presenter screws up
10/08/09, 05:23

Great, now I need to worry about being randomly yiffed on the street from three dimensions.
Jim Morrison's Ex-Girlfriends speak out
10/08/09, 04:43

Fun fact: singers described as similar to Jim Morrison are always superior to Jim Morrison.

See Scott Weiland, Glenn Danzig.
Chop Cup
10/08/09, 04:26

I do something like this, but I peel the kid's face instead of the cup. It gets them every time.
LACUNA COIL - Spellbound (Performance Version)
10/08/09, 00:31

That album was boring.
The Punsiher blows a guy's face off while holding a little girl
10/08/09, 00:00

It's okay, both the girl and her mother are remarkably disaffected by anything through the entire movie. Frank could have pulled out a fork and knife and ate some of the splatter off the wall, and they wouldn't have been concerned.
A Very Special Drew
09/23/09, 22:01

Talk Christa Miller into flashing her boobs, and we'll give you whatever awards you want. Help yourself to a Nobel and World's Best Grandma coffee cup if you prefer.
Steve Ballmer freakin the fuck out.
09/23/09, 21:56

I have this image of him running up to one fan in the audience and just screaming in his face for two minutes.
Dust storms in Australia
09/23/09, 21:11

You know, the duration following bright time and orangey reddish time, seven times every 52nd subcycle.
The PUMA movement
06/26/09, 19:33

The trailer image made me think they were going to reveal an actual organization, and not the one guy blogging from a basement that I always suspected.
little girl tries to kick a piece of wood out of a man's mouth
06/26/09, 19:28

Must admit, that was an unforseen plot twist.
Daddy's pus filled scalp
06/26/09, 19:27

Pretty sure this is what killed Michael Jackson.
Leadbelly - Take This Hammer
06/26/09, 19:25

Now days, this music video would cost one million dollars and three months to film.
Cow has an abscess
06/26/09, 19:20

Maybe this explains fat people. If we poked them in the stomach with a stick, would this occur?
Lots of Bees
06/26/09, 19:12

Is MC Scared of Bees not registered on poetv? Time to start a new tag?
Andy Dick & Peta Protest a McDonalds
06/26/09, 19:11

I've never wanted a McDonald's cheeseburger so badly in my life.
06/26/09, 18:42

Thanks for the warning, I was too.
Obama Wants the US to be a Muslim Nation!!
06/04/09, 16:10

Did they hurt your feelings by criticizing your MESSIAH, Mr. Obamaton? It's their patriotic duty to preserve the Constitution from the usurper that isn't even a citizen!
Coldplay -- Viva La Vida
03/13/09, 21:45

And all these years I thought the bald guy was the singer.

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