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Cow has an abscess
06/26/09, 19:20

Maybe this explains fat people. If we poked them in the stomach with a stick, would this occur?
Lots of Bees
06/26/09, 19:12

Is MC Scared of Bees not registered on poetv? Time to start a new tag?
Andy Dick & Peta Protest a McDonalds
06/26/09, 19:11

I've never wanted a McDonald's cheeseburger so badly in my life.
06/26/09, 18:42

Thanks for the warning, I was too.
Obama Wants the US to be a Muslim Nation!!
06/04/09, 16:10

Did they hurt your feelings by criticizing your MESSIAH, Mr. Obamaton? It's their patriotic duty to preserve the Constitution from the usurper that isn't even a citizen!
Coldplay -- Viva La Vida
03/13/09, 21:45

And all these years I thought the bald guy was the singer.
Man attempts to wash window, fails.
03/13/09, 21:41

It has less to do with having a crappy job and more to do with not being smart about it.
City Council Interrupted By Flatulation
03/10/09, 05:52

The committee to investigate who dealt it came next. According to the record, the chairwoman was the first to have smelt it, and therefore ruled to have supplied it. The motion was carried with a 5-3 majority.
Super Mario on the TI-83+
03/10/09, 05:47

It's really not that difficult. But for something this graphics intensive, you need to get a compiler on your calc. Also it all has to fit in very little memory, I think my TI85 has maybe 64KB excluding some overhead.
Glenn Beck predicts doomsday, revolution!
02/22/09, 16:37

"So what is it?"

"I don't know"

Well, thanks for coming.
Mega64: Elite Beat Agents
02/20/09, 14:45

I couldn't help but laughing too hard at this. The thought just popped in my head of these guys appearing any place to solve real life social dilemmas through dance. Obama should hire them to show up one day and settle the budget woes. They could ship to Afghanistan to eradicate the Taliban. They could be council for Blagojevich. The could cure Haggard's sexuality crisis.
Britain's Got Talent - Little Firewater (and daughter)
02/20/09, 14:29

The act was nowhere nearly as cringe inducing as the abundance of british accents.
MMORPG Nerd Asks a Question of Eve Online Moderators
02/17/09, 10:25

I was going to say the epitome of Eve Online players, but yours is more broad and therefore correct.
Brent Spiner asks Patrick Stewart convention questions
02/16/09, 08:53

That's why I wish he did it in character. "Sir, I was unaware that Starfleet had amended dress regulation to permit captains to wear mustaches"
Computer Man
02/16/09, 08:31

Because it's lower budget.
Crazy lady misses her flight
02/16/09, 08:30

If she had just thrown a little harder tantrum, that plane would have circled around.
Black Hole Sun
02/16/09, 07:55

-stars for not being Soungarden.
Virginia GOP chairman decries Darwin
02/16/09, 07:54

Well, at least he got the birth date correct. That's something.
Rep. John Boehner Cries Crocodile Tears
02/15/09, 15:39

The crying may be manufactured, but the delusion is the genuine article.
A Hidden American: children of the Mountains
02/15/09, 15:33

Trick question, these people don't vote.

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