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Computer Man
02/16/09, 08:31

Because it's lower budget.
Crazy lady misses her flight
02/16/09, 08:30

If she had just thrown a little harder tantrum, that plane would have circled around.
Black Hole Sun
02/16/09, 07:55

-stars for not being Soungarden.
Virginia GOP chairman decries Darwin
02/16/09, 07:54

Well, at least he got the birth date correct. That's something.
Rep. John Boehner Cries Crocodile Tears
02/15/09, 15:39

The crying may be manufactured, but the delusion is the genuine article.
A Hidden American: children of the Mountains
02/15/09, 15:33

Trick question, these people don't vote.
Escape From City 17 - Part One
02/14/09, 06:09

Try to look at this in relative terms. This is PoE, how many fan creations do we regularly see here on Care Bears, Sonic, etc. that are truly horrible?

When I saw this in the hopper, I was expecting one of those. The fact that I ended up actually wanting to see more certainly warrants five stars. The fact that this is created by fans and isn't a broken english fanfic about John Freeman warrants five stars.
Card Sagas Wars (5th trailer)
02/14/09, 06:00

It doesn't have all the characters listed on the site as playable, but the good news is they originally intended to have only three or four and have extended that to quite a few so far. Prior to the fighting game development, the sprites were mostly prepared as-is, I don't think they had any real purpose other than being really cool.

And I've been trying to get PoE-n interested in this for over a year: http://www.poe-news.com/forums/sp.php?pi=1001912826

I would also love to see them extend it to four player action a'la Smash Bros and Jump Ultimate Stars.
The Fast Food Song
02/13/09, 13:42

They did not combust nor explode.
Chocolate - American Trailer
02/13/09, 13:03

And yet not a single accident or explosion in the entire trailer.
Cowards cut and run, Marines never do
02/13/09, 12:59

Hysterical, but she didn't explode.
Little Rock Central:50 Years Later Clip
02/13/09, 12:58

I couldn't find the explosions though.
The Retarded Mosh Pit
02/13/09, 12:46

Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman (and drugs)
02/13/09, 12:42

I'm not seeing any accidents or explosions.
That is IT youtube...
02/13/09, 12:35

Coincidentally, this is the beginning of my crusade against the accidents & explosion category. I will one star any video improperly using it from now on. I invite other concerned poetv viewers to do the same.
Obama cut from Us Weekly cover for Jessica Simpson.
02/11/09, 05:45

Well good for her. She can be the fatty spokesmodel in between her gigs shilling for ice cream and Doritos sponsorships.
Star Trek Online: Character Creator Teaser
02/10/09, 03:17

Am I supposed to be impressed by the same technology already present in Oblivion, Mass Effect, even The Sims 2? The game will still suck, because they're not yet prepared to make the worthwhile Star Trek game.
Propellerman: Superhero of Female Desire
02/09/09, 10:34

Are you guys voting things out of the Hopper just to one star?
English by Japanese voice actors
02/09/09, 10:31

Hey, I'm impressed. They clearly not only recorded this in english, but spoke it backwards and then inversed the recording.
Local News Mistakes
02/09/09, 10:25

Several Florida numerologists probably killed themselves that very night.

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