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Wajima's Best Sumo Matches
08/11/09, 10:35

wajima has a pretty interesting story -
"Wajima was the first and to date only former collegiate competitor to be promoted to yokozuna(he was nicknamed the "Sumo Genius" because of his college background). His other departures from sumo norms included having his hair permed before growing a topknot, staying in luxury hotels and driving a Lincoln Continental whilst on regional sumo tours (jungyo), and associating himself with outsiders such as the yazuka and going out on late night drinking sessions."
"Following his retirement Wajima took over as oyakata, or head coach, of Hanakago stable in 1981, having married the eldest daughter of the previous stablemaster. However his time there was controversial. He lacked leadership qualities and most unusually did not even live in the stable, preferring to commute. Hanakago declined to the point when it did not have any top division wrestlers left. In 1982 his wife attempted suicide and he was demoted from his position as a shimpanor judge as a result. (cont.)
Chiyonofuji's 53 bout winning streak in Sumo
08/10/09, 21:38

you can check w/ your cable company and see if they carry "TV Japan" which is the NHK feed here in the states, but it ain't cheap at something like $30 a month (tournaments are 15 days 6 times a year - jan, march, may, july, sept, nov.)

dish network has it too, and people on the sumotalk.com forums usually post them in a day or two
Sumo Confidential
08/10/09, 12:01

i'll keep feeding the hopper as long as they keep getting voted up
Sumo's Winning Ways: The Enigma of the 82 Kimarite
08/09/09, 23:23

multipart done broke-

pt.2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwN9C96e8OA&feature=related

pt.3- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn8XswWTvFQ&feature=related

pt. 4- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq76pO3Rzzo&feature=related

pt. 5- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExHtpcixXfA&feature=related
Alex Jones Joker special
08/09/09, 00:58

shine on you crazy diamond
AFM Harvester Logging Machine
08/09/09, 00:58

Anybody but Bob!
08/08/09, 20:41

was referring to the same types that are all over the flyover
Anybody but Bob!
08/07/09, 23:40

can we just let the south secede already and ship all these retards there so we don't have to keep dragging these fucks, kicking and screaming, towards progress? i'm getting really sick of having national policy altered by people who are allergic to books
Dick Morris is a horrible human being.
08/07/09, 23:27


dick morris, fuck you. no, really - i insist - FUCK YOU.

anyone who would willingly submit anyone ever to the horrors of an NK gulag should have their membership in the human race revoked
Mother 3- The Hot Springs
08/06/09, 12:04

mother 3
Treat Me Like Your Mother
08/06/09, 11:46

Lady on Fox News makes an apt and fair-minded comparison
08/06/09, 11:30

oh man, that's rich
Sushi, Sake, Ha!
07/25/09, 09:17

yes, yes, yes
A Nod to the World
07/24/09, 23:55

mr. internet
Louis C.K. vs. Dennis Leary
07/24/09, 18:25

he also ripped off bill hicks more than a little bit

"I have a scoop for you. I stole his (Leary's) act. I camouflaged it with punchlines, and to really throw people off, I did it before he did." - Bill Hicks
Chris Matthews Humiliates Birther G. Gordon Liddy
07/24/09, 17:57

i think the term is actually "breeders"
The Christian Mafia & The GOP
07/24/09, 00:43

love your work
Chris Matthews Humiliates Birther G. Gordon Liddy
07/24/09, 00:40

and, EVEN IF that wasn't the law, and they kicked him out, then Biden is the President, causing no significant policy change. reaganomics is dead, motherfuckers, and no amount of frothing and bawling is gonna magically reverse the result of the election
pootie tang-biggie shorty
07/24/09, 00:35

i fucking love this movie

sa da te!
White People Wedding is What Happens When White People Get Loose
07/24/09, 00:32

black hole of dignity

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