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Born and raised in a North Korean prison camp.
07/21/09, 22:13

compare and contrast- "I was Kim Jong Il's Pizza Chef"

another chef's inside perspective

north korea is the only country i'd support a war against, if we could find some way to keep seoul from being destroyed by artillery in a matter of minutes
Just about every Mrs. Slocombe's pussy joke
07/21/09, 20:46

every time i've ever had an englishman give me shit about how terribly lowbrow american tv is, i bring this up

usually shuts em' up
Send Bill O'Reilly Back to School
07/20/09, 21:14

aw, shucks
Send Bill O'Reilly Back to School
07/20/09, 20:08

cannot believe there's an o'reilly factor for kids book
Casino: Nicky gets wacked.
07/20/09, 20:03

based on the real life of one anthony spilotro
they put away the guys who took him out to the cornfield in the "family secrets" trial a couple years ago
Banned Sprite Blowjob Ad
07/20/09, 16:36

Town hall erupts over Obama's citizenship
07/20/09, 16:27

and they'd have to accept the fact that the majority of americans voted for his worldview and policies over theirs and that they're no longer the majority in this republic - conspiracy is the last refuge of their christian nationalist/reaganomic delusions
Town hall erupts over Obama's citizenship
07/20/09, 16:19

corrction: is always great
Town hall erupts over Obama's citizenship
07/20/09, 16:17

thinly veiled rascism & ethnic/religious nationalism are always great for advancing civilization
Richard Feynman: 'The Quest for Tannu Tuva'
07/19/09, 23:06

feynman = auto 5
The Biggest Douche of Baseball
07/19/09, 10:18

the gesture right before that was priceless
Obama Introduces RFID Chip
07/19/09, 03:58

my favorite part about the nwo/illuminati conspiracies and pioneer patriot red dawn wet dream apocafuck zombiegeddon ones is the fact that they're always GOING TO HAPPEN TOMMORROW, then when it doesn't, they slightly modify it to preserve their worldview, unencumbered by the weight of any of long term memory, and then continue to yell it at pretty much everybody regardless

i remember reading all this same ol' shit on the internet during the clinton administration - and then the bush administration. one of the leading teabaggers in my hometown in the 90s had battle plans drawn up to defend his home against a UN attack. same shit, new sheen
A cordon of police cars pulled up outside our house. This is what happened next.
07/19/09, 01:06

Hurt Locker opening scene
07/18/09, 15:33

this movie = good
Orly Taitz asks John Roberts a birther question.
07/18/09, 02:26

Glenn Beck: Road to Socialism
07/18/09, 00:26

i didn't think it was physically possible to be that smug

also, fuck glenn beck and his 2-D mormon jesus' loving john birch society worldview
Svetlana About Svetlana
07/17/09, 20:38

everybody is a human being
7 Questions That'll Make Atheists Think!
07/17/09, 19:42

i asked my pastor this when i was eight

answer? "he just was"

there you have it folks
MTV logos made on an Amiga by a 16 year old
07/17/09, 19:37

because everything you hate about mtv is what makes them money
The 'WTF Doberman' Got Outside
07/16/09, 22:09

i hate people so fucking much right now

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