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Orly Taitz asks John Roberts a birther question.
07/18/09, 02:26

Glenn Beck: Road to Socialism
07/18/09, 00:26

i didn't think it was physically possible to be that smug

also, fuck glenn beck and his 2-D mormon jesus' loving john birch society worldview
Svetlana About Svetlana
07/17/09, 20:38

everybody is a human being
7 Questions That'll Make Atheists Think!
07/17/09, 19:42

i asked my pastor this when i was eight

answer? "he just was"

there you have it folks
MTV logos made on an Amiga by a 16 year old
07/17/09, 19:37

because everything you hate about mtv is what makes them money
The 'WTF Doberman' Got Outside
07/16/09, 22:09

i hate people so fucking much right now
Japanese 'RailFans' are insane.
07/16/09, 09:30

too bad macarthur beat you to it
Glenn Beck screams at -- and like -- a woman
07/15/09, 23:41

this watered-down alex jones needs a boot right in his smug multimillionaire muppet jaw

fuck these patriot poseur assholes and the conglomerates who grease their wheels to advance their agendas at the expense of the well-being of our republic
The Critic - Sean Connery has dinner with his parents
07/15/09, 13:36

i loved this show in 4th grade

now? not so much
PSA's from the ADHD council
07/14/09, 18:52

Angry redneck talks about lack of economic recovery whilst beating Chinese appliances
07/13/09, 16:06

the problem is that they see said overconsumption as a central tenant of their identity and any perceived criticism of their right to amass property & goods is interpreted as an attack on their sense of self and national identity

until they figure out that the world is bigger than their backyard and that all gratification can't be instant, this bawling herd is going to keep being a stubborn weight on the neck of progress
Let Them Eat Tax Cuts!
07/13/09, 09:47

these fucks would be wise to remember the bastille
Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles being fat
07/10/09, 00:40

you don't have to walk when you're the king of the beard-o's
07/08/09, 12:22

you don't get it do you
UFC Fighter Rampage Awkwardly Dry Humps Reporter During Entire Interview
07/08/09, 12:02

glorious awkward
Pillowy Mounds of Mashed Potatoes
07/08/09, 11:41

dumb, boring
Michael Jackson's ghost spotted in Neverland Ranch?
07/07/09, 23:13

i've been saying this whole week that the real michael jackson died years ago

i'm pretty sure this guy was grown in a lab
Two hours of Japanese Video Game Commercials
07/07/09, 21:32

feel like i just snorted an entire japanese childhood
Two hours of Japanese Video Game Commercials
07/07/09, 21:23

oh my god the 3DO commercial at the end

"it plugs into the future"
-trip hawkins, computer genius
Baman and Piderman - Pumkin
07/07/09, 07:35

fuck you

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