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Sewer Cam: Unknown life form
06/30/09, 14:40

reminds me of when my brother showed me his hemorrhoids against my will
Chris Matthews takes on Joe Scarborough regarding Health Care Reform
06/30/09, 14:37

joe fucking scarbourough
Image of The Beast (Full Version)
06/30/09, 08:27

multi part submission is broken
Glenn Beck compares climate bill to a watermelon
06/29/09, 16:26

you're my favorite troll on the whole wide internet, cena_mark
06/29/09, 11:51

you guys know you can just masturbate to porn, right? you don't have to hear those godawful noises she keeps making that way
Basij Truck vs Protesters
06/28/09, 16:57

thanks, religious fundamentalism

Basij Truck vs Protesters
06/28/09, 16:56

my uncle napoleon says...
Glenn Beck compares climate bill to a watermelon
06/28/09, 16:52

watermelon (along with fried chicken) has long been considered the most stereotypical "black people food" by complete fucking idiots
Glenn Beck compares climate bill to a watermelon
06/28/09, 16:34

pretty sure glenn beck bleeds salmon
Ghostface Doll!
06/28/09, 14:41

about time

just wish it wasn't $500
Mother 3 - Good News and Bad News
06/23/09, 14:03

this game is pretty fantastic
Mother 3 - Good News and Bad News
06/23/09, 14:03

it was produced fer the 64DD and never released
The Simpsons - Return of the USSR
06/18/09, 23:33

i can't believe how fucking internet this discussion is
Super Mario Bros. Super Show - Slimebusters
05/28/09, 10:22

my friend had leukemia as a kid, and, through the make a wish foundation, got to meet harold ramis (after both harrison ford and bill murray were too busy) for a nutritious fish dinner and merchandise gifting and all the signed photos he got were only of aykroyd, murray, and ramis - and when he asked where winston was, harold ramis changed the topic and didn't talk about it. from what he gathered, they weren't too fond of him

White people snaps
05/16/09, 14:55

Russian Style of Fighting
05/09/09, 09:29

this is called systema

use a google
Kirk Cameron used to be an atheist!...now he's not.
05/08/09, 05:40

isn't the atheist's bible the thomas jefferson bible?
ALF episode 2: Mister Meatloaf
05/07/09, 06:20

"the dad" actually got caught in a crackhouse having "the gay sex" with "gay male prostitutes" which makes this all the sleazier

Guy makes custom Wolverine claws in effort to be a total badass
05/07/09, 02:52

Okoboji Girl
04/29/09, 13:39

not so much farmers - they were priced out long ago - as regional professionals and rich assholes and their meaty, spoiled douchebag children. they swarm like locusts, every summer, without fail

that, and every mongoloid mook in the region with a SWEET RIDE loads up his car with his retarded friends comes down to "cruise the strip" for hours on end and "grind" and drink bud light to top 40 hits from four to five years ago in terrible fucking bars which seem as if they are a sea of visors and polo shirts every goddamned weekend

seriously, don't ever go. it's like the jersey shore for hicks

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