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08/18/07, 15:01

"Darrin O'Brien (born October 30, 1969), is an award-winning Canadian reggae musician from Toronto, known by his stage name Snow. which stands for Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy given to him by his DJ, Marvin Prince, He is best known for the 1993 number-one hit single Informer."
Aladdin - Friend Like Me
08/18/07, 11:10

why is this on here?
The strongest sumo wrestler Asashouryuu
08/18/07, 02:31

and they may force him to retire. should have said that earlier.
The strongest sumo wrestler Asashouryuu
08/18/07, 02:26

footage of "soccer incident" (also good if you'd like to see a rikishi run):
Christian Comedian: David Ferrell
08/17/07, 16:22

I LOVE JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The strongest sumo wrestler Asashouryuu
08/16/07, 18:03

actually, he just had a "nervous breakdown" due to his being barred from competition for the next four months. The crime? He said he was injured and didn't go on the jungyo (tours of the areas other than the three big cities sumo tournaments are in) and then was photographed in his native Mongolia playing soccer for charity and being pretty fucking nimble

in sumo, being a yokozuna is a huge deal, and there's a whole lot of things you have to do to live up to the "honor" of the rank. the fact that he's mongolian is already a huge strike against him in the racist eyes of those in charge of this 2000 yr. old sport, so, yeah.
Female Trouble - No, Gator, No!
08/10/07, 17:15

Ogami Itto Is Not To Be Trifled With
08/10/07, 15:32

cut you wide open
Arguably the best "Moment of Zen" ever
08/08/07, 20:22

STRAWBERRY by Alex Fellows
08/08/07, 10:05

i hope you all know this is horrible, and not good horrible, either
"The Wizard" (1989) Last part of Tournament
08/08/07, 09:52

i saw this in the theater as a small, small child. nostalgia attack.

nintendo's marketing ploys make me wistful against my will, what can i say.

Two Weeks
08/07/07, 20:08

it's the little things in life that make it worthwhile
Fist of the North Star 2 Opening Sequence
08/04/07, 09:44

if i could rig my alarm clock to play this every morning, i would
Boatman Fighter
08/02/07, 17:00

yes, capital yes
Atlanta Get Crunk TV show (excerpts)
08/02/07, 16:57

Nothing You Can Do
08/02/07, 16:56

i just want to know what sort of bizzare fetishes this is gonna spring up 5-10 years down the line

i weep for the future
Gary Coleman loses his goddamn mind
08/02/07, 16:22

Ultimate Burning Hammer Collection
07/18/07, 19:09

of all the pro wrestling clips, the worst is almost this
John Lovitz in opening scene of Todd Solondz' "Happiness"
07/18/07, 19:05

this scene: five stars

beating the everloving fuck out of andy dick? 20 billion stars.
Glenn Beck asks his guest for naked photos
07/09/07, 07:21

that's some glorious awkward right there

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