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Carmax Dramatic Chipmunk Ripoff
07/15/10, 23:58

"People who do the internet will love this. Let's do it."
Autotune the News 10: Turtles
02/28/10, 17:34

Indeed, I would support these kids' turning out to be funny and attractive neo-cons.

The historical significance of this combination would be undeniable.
Karate Kid remake - trailer
12/26/09, 16:57

I'm going to be honest.
This looks considerably better than any of the other "Karate Kid" movies. Mind you, those movies were shit, but you know, whatever.
O.B.A.M. Nude - Trailer
11/22/09, 12:37

Did they just ATTACK Obama by comparing him to Robin Hood?
Toy Story 3 full trailer (not the crappy leaked one)
10/24/09, 13:49

(days later)

Scratch that--according to Wikipedia, the toys themselves get Buzz shipped to Taiwan. That makes a bit more sense, though I still like the final script better...which is good, 'cause that's what's been made!
Toy Story 3 full trailer (not the crappy leaked one)
10/21/09, 12:56

First of all, this looks AWESOME. The Toy Story movies are among my all-time favourites, and I've been waiting for #3 for over ten years. After two movies made with fear-of-abandonment as their premises, I always figured they'd make one in which they finally are abandoned and they just sort of have to deal with it.

Second of all, in reference to Hammer Falls's explanation (thank you for that!), wouldn't that original script've been almost distractingly silly? I mean, when a product is deemed defective, it's RECALLED--it's the new ones, still in their packages, etc., that are taken off of store-shelves, and shipped back to be dealt with by the company that made them. But Andy will have owned Buzz for at least a few years (depending on where in the Toy Story timeline they were originally planning on setting #3). It's not like they'd track down every single owner of every single Buzz, ripping Andy's out of his hands and sending it to Taiwan. Of course, Andy could have made the decision to send him to Taiwan to be fixed, but that just seems odd, and out-of-character.

Don't mind me--I'm just ranting. As I said, I feel very strongly about these movies.

British comedian Tommy Cooper Dies (On live TV)
09/05/09, 01:18

"Favorited 4 Times".
Fatman discusses the special schools he went to as a kid
03/24/09, 20:00

Breasts. Sadness.
Rock Band Reality TV show
11/12/08, 19:35

Reality should not resemble South Park this much.
Daniel Songer's peculiarly awful stand-up comedy (part 3)
11/12/08, 08:51

.......so, the joke was that he thought he was going to be raped by the police officer?
Zoo Race trailer
06/05/08, 17:27

So, I'm pretty sure I heard a male voice, and a female voice, which means at least two people read lines for this.
Transformers Headmasters: Sparkle Gets Hurt
11/24/07, 19:34

I love how no aspect of this scene was done well.
Transformers: Autobot dance party
10/18/07, 16:47

First Law: Robots can eat and drink, but everything they eat and drink must glow.
Very Angry Mother.
10/17/07, 19:56

My family?
Hell, this makes me feel good about MYSELF, more than anything.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - The Ecstacy of Gold
10/08/07, 23:39

Whenever I find myself looking for something frantically, this song comes on in my head.
Amazing movie.
10/03/07, 14:50

I'm a cheerful, enthusiastic guy.
I've been told by most of my close friends that I'm the happiest person they've ever met.
Yet, never, EVER, have I been as happy as this kid seems to be.
Sexual Harrasment at work
09/26/07, 15:07

What a horrifying/awesome office.
Lake at the Bottom of the Ocean
09/22/07, 12:59

Man, screw space-travel; let's explore the ocean!
Evidently there's so much we don't know about what's really down there.
Hard Drivin'
09/17/07, 13:32

And THAT, my friends, is why I don't drive anymore. There is too much insanity/incompetence out there.
Miss Teen USA South Carolina answers a question
08/28/07, 10:00

Well, the "why the terrorists hate us" tag would certainly have been suitable.


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