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Dr. Phil is a coward
Lies in the Textbooks - Evolution
They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll
XenuTV: Enturbulating Scientology
The Terrible Truth 1951 anti-dope film
Reverend Fred Phelps hates Stewart and Colbert
Atari 2600 - Centipede commercial
Slugs mating
Captain N: The Game Master intro
Squirrel Melts
Fuel Air Explosive
Aya has got Puyo Puyo Fever
Let's Pretz
Brazillian video game system, featuring nazis and Freddy.
Irate O'Reilly Listener Gets Ticketed for Noise and Speeding
Wii Vs PS3 Fan ad
1980's Honeycomb Cereal Commercial
The Simpsons - The Land of Chocolate
Oh Meth!
Life Ruined By Teabagging
Baptist Book Store
Daily Show: Johnathan Hodgman on Race
Marine fights a lava monster
Top Gear - The fastest stupid car ever
Satan Is Dead!
1985 Leather Warehouse Commercial
Poser Mobile - Asian Princess
Protrude, Flow
The Clapper
Soviet Fashion Show - Wendy's Ad (Late 80s)
Video Snack
Berzerk (Atari 2600 Commercial)
Head On - Apply Directly to the Forehead
Canadian Domestic Abuse PSA (Board Room)
PSP Squirrel commercial
James Randi debunks Uri Geller & Peter Popoff
Magic Sand
Bill Nye - The Faster You Push Me
Sexy Ronald McDonald ad
Alcohol + Fire + Stupid Kids = ???
Pat Robertson's Strong Legs
Kent Hovind - The Dangers of Evolution
Super Friends meet the Powerpuff Girls
The Way of The Master Episode 7 The Beauty of a Broken Spirit - Atheism:
katana accident
The Miracle of Design in the Cell
Warcraft III on Giant Diamond Touch Table
Japanese sword vs. a 50 caliber machine gun
Pimp Star: Picture Rims
Final Fantasy Potion
Howitzer Mishap
It's Coming Back... And It's Our Constitutional Right.
Crazy explosive safety test
Three Wise Camels - My Hump
The Way Of The Master: How To Witness To Someone Who Is Gay
Sparkler Bomb
Bottle Boom
Water Balloon

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