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Opie & Anthony: 8-Track Porn (09/26/07-01/22/08)
Unaired Bill Cosby Jello Commercial
Feminist Frequency - Lingerie is Not Armor
Ernest Greatest Hits Volume One
Opie & Anthony - Patrice O'Neal vs. Gallagher
Patton Oswalt on How The Phantom Menace Changed His Mind About Bad Movies
George Lucas on Charlie Rose - Star Wars is 'Like a Breakup'
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Rich and Mike's Predictions)
The Blair Witch Project - Mike and the Map
Caller Tells Bryan Fischer 'There Will Be Blood' Over Kim Davis Jailing
Reddit in the 1980s
Pam Stenzel - Sex Still Has a Price Tag
Mike Huckabee says no abortions for raped 11-year-olds.
Ninja Scroll - Burn in your golden hell!!
Pruane2 - Retrospective on my youtube career and advice to other youtubers
Kids in the Hall - Buddy Cole 01: Love at First Sight
Jimmy Kimmel's Update on the Anti-Vaccination Discussion
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Cluckin' Bell commercials
Bryan Fischer Says That 'Conservatives Believe In Live And Let Live'
Gaming in the Clinton Years - Secret of Mana
'Do You Believe?' Trailer
Shameless USA - Karen at the Purity Ball
Morgan Freeman 1970's Cigarette Commercial
Zero Punctuation - Beyond Two Souls
Little Boy Heroically Shoots, Mutilates Burglar
Bryan Fischer Plays the Race Card
Patrice Wilson - HAPPY (The Saturday Song)
The Greatest Story Ever Told on Radio
Supernatural - Sam and Dean on Slash
'Supernatural' Meets 'Knight Rider' (5x08)
12 Inch Penis!!! OMG!!! Really?!?!
Breaking Bad - Tucker
Bryan Fischer - Thinking Human Behavior Impacts Climate is Ignorant, Ignorant, Ignorant
Link's Awakening - Ending
Batman: Arkham City - Ending
Patrice O'Neal Laughs (Opie & Anthony)
Going Through Puberty for Girls
Patrice O'Neal (Opie & Anthony) 'It's Cold Out Here'
Patrice O'Neal and Friends Rip Apart 'Independence Day' (Opie & Anthony)
Malcolm in the Middle - Dewey Gets Bored
5-year-old girl needs a job before getting married
Pat Robertson: Dungeons & Dragons Literally Destroyed People's Lives
Psych - Nicknames for Gus
In Bed with Bree Olson - Episode 2
Alvin and the Chipmunks 80s Opening
In Bed with Bree Olson - Episode 1
The Addams Family 90's Cartoon Intro
Joe Rogan on Religion
Molly Grows Up (1953)
Doug Stanhope vs. Alcoholics Anonymous
God Bless America Opening Scene
Doug Stanhope vs. Dr. Drew Pinsky
Steve Wilkos - Slut Shaming
South Park Parodies Honey Boo Boo
Alan Moore on Information
Tampa Bay Prostitutes Gearing Up For Flood of Closeted Republicans
Batman is a dick
Steve Wilkos - Mommy, I Keep Getting Raped
Men in Black - Little Tiffany
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - KCHAT
Wayne's World - Wayne & Shirley
Californication - Tampons
Uncle Buck TV Series Intro
Steve Wilkos - 'I Molested My Daughter'
Mrs. Doubtfire recut trailer
Inappropriate 'Mr. Belvedere' Joke
Kohl's Black Friday Commercial
Teen Girl Confronts Bad Mom
Life of Brian - The Dungeon Scene
Silent Hill 2 - James and Angela on the Staircase
Beavis and Butthead- Detroit Rock City (Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
Beavis & Butthead watch the Weezer 'Buddy Holly' video
Bill O'Reilly interviews Nancy Grace after the Casey Anthony verdict
Ren & Stimpy - Anthony's Dad
Akira - Tetsuo's Nightmare
Team America - Pearl Harbor Sucked
The Lost Boys - Last Line
Ed Wood - Bela Lugosi vs. the Octopus
Nudist Colony of the Dead - Inky Dinky Do Da Morning
Chris-Chan gets ready to clean his shower
Gaming in the Clinton Years - Doom (SNES)
Evil Dead II - 'Someone's in my Fruit Cellar!'
Pineapple Express - Red's House
Gaming in the Clinton Years - Super Return of the Jedi Walkthrough
SNES - Home Improvement
Beethoven's 2nd SNES Gameplay
Some Grey Bloke - What Twitter is For
Terminator 2 - Opening Sequence and Credits
Ernest Goes to Camp - Gee I'm Glad it's Raining
The DudeGyver: MacGyver/Big Lebowski Mash up
Gremlins - Kate's Story
Portal of Evil rant
American Beauty - 'My job consists of...'
Stephen King plugs American Express
Back to the Future Part II - Nobody Calls Me Chicken
Revenge of the Nerds - Ending
Dragon Ball - The Most Painful Attack Ever
Samurai Jack - Jack vs. the Guardian
Batman: Arkham Asylum - Developer Trick

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