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Hell comes to Frogtown
05/24/16, 02:08

wrong vid?
Six Minutes of Spanking
04/27/16, 20:05

I would. Men are of the Beast Blood. Our desires are beyond measure or control.
10 Brutal Dictators You've Never Heard Of
02/03/16, 12:14

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Sara X Does Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”
10/17/14, 20:31

You just haven't found their calling.
The Onion's Peter K. Rosenthal Reviews Gone Girl
10/17/14, 20:28

I don't like reading some negative nancy's comments about how they can't watch a video about a man stressing out about his life while he's trying to do a movie review. I just don't have the energy to deal with that right now.
This video does not exist.
10/16/14, 06:34

This video had dreams, once.

This video, pressured by a cruel and absurd universe, chose nonexistence as the way to be free of pain.
Sessions blasts Microsoft for requesting 2x H1B's while firing 18,000 workers.
07/22/14, 04:47

75% is a crazy number. That's a lot of people with dreams crushed, who have lost out on potential to do something appreciated, something possibly even meaningful or great with their limited time in this world.

Keep in mind, more women are getting STEM degrees than men these days. I can't imagine how terribly disheartening it has to be to have a degree in something that industry giants have been saying for decades will always be in demand, only to have to settle on some lesser career path with no mental challenge and no hope of fulfillment.

And all for what? They know exactly what's going on. They know they're fucking children out of their futures, all so they can have an endless supply of nerds on tap.
Fireworks filmed with a drone
07/08/14, 23:00

California Highway Patrol punches woman in head on side of LA highway
07/08/14, 22:47

My admission ticket to hell:

Fun Rangers
07/07/14, 15:06

Beer and Board games is the greatest thing these guy's do.

Thor's Kitchen was pretty good but they stopped making those.
Diseased half-reanimated lurching corpse of Myspace briefly infiltrates Facebook
07/07/14, 15:01

Well, this doesn't help to counter the "leg exercises are for sissies" myth.
Nigerian Film - The Scout
06/25/14, 08:11

Filmed in glorious... wait, what's the lowest possible resolution? Because I think this is it.
Pleasure yourself with my Body
06/24/14, 15:21

Any relation to Don Chito?
18 again, feel like a virgin
06/24/14, 15:18

She's gearing up for the Vag Tractor Pull.
Black Magick To Shamelessly Manipulate Human Beings
06/24/14, 15:13

Youtube Videos To Shamelessly Manipulate Human Beings
Tropes vs Women in Videogames - Women as Decoration
06/17/14, 14:16

Yeah, I see the comment, but it's not like he threatened to dig up her grandmother's corpse and rape the bones. I mean "fuck you" is an easy thing to say and easy to shrug off.

I think it's just kind of hypocritical to assume the mantle of a social justice crusader and then preemptively back down from any form of disagreement before it even begins. If anything, she could let people foam at the mouth and be stupid just so they can make themselves look bad and thus give her more legitimacy.

I think it's also kind of weird that some people are acting as if understanding women's issues is the key to getting laid in the 21st century. Because yeah, that's what it's all about. Guys getting their rocks off. What else could it ever be about?

I'm taking a weird stance here but I'm calling it now: I'm pretty sure she's just a troll. She shits on her own talking points and she knows it. She's not trying to help. She just wants the attention. She's got some mental sickness that they'll come to diagnose 20 or 30 years from now as the same sickness that compels people to enter reality t.v. shows.
Tropes vs Women in Videogames - Women as Decoration
06/17/14, 11:50

I totally would play lousy temp job, the game. It would probably kick "papers, please" in the pants. "You didn't wear enough PPE! Workman's comp won't cover THIS injury! GAME OVER."

The thing is, I don't even play a lot of modern video games anymore. I haven't played the GTA series since 4, because 4 was boring as fuck and I hated that stupid fat cousin.

She might have some good points but she goes about them completely wrong. "I'm just going to flat out say something is just a rule of the universe and you can't disagree with me because if you do that makes you the bad person" is pretty much her entire argument. She makes it sound like using currency to buy good and services is demeaning to women, because it just is, man. That's not a solid foundation for a lecture.

I don't know where she's trying to go with this, other than to just rile people up, and she does a good job of that, to be sure. I just don't see that getting people riled up is all that useful in the grand scheme of things.
Live Forever As You Are Now
06/17/14, 11:21

The Singularity, ladies and gentlemen.
Tropes vs Women in Videogames - Women as Decoration
06/16/14, 15:37

Comments already disabled? Wow.

Why is it this lady looks like she can't hold back a smirk when she's talking? Like she knows she's lying and takes some joy in the deception.

The thing is, all these thing she brings up about video games actually happen in real life. There are prostitutes. Women models are used to sell all kinds of shit. Look at some car or motorcycle magazines sometime. They used Cindy Crawford to sell Pepsi and that shit worked like gang busters.

She makes points that are very cherry picked as well. She talks about copied and pasted NPC women, while neglecting to mention that GTA5 does the same thing to male characters, that there are, in fact, a limited number of possible character models available and sometimes you'll run into some repeats. She makes it sound like this only happens with female characters.

Not only does she make these huge omissions to help sell a point, she just flatly assumes things as true, like that strippers are somehow a grossly misogynist scenario and not a fundamental inevitability of the free market.

Why can't art imitate life, even the ugly parts?
Using Hypnosis to Rob Someone
05/31/14, 19:35

It's not magic, but it's something weird and exploitable. Animals can be hypnotized. Look it up on Youtube. Chickens are a popular target.

It seems like a great "play dead" mechanism that got carried over to us, and since we're more complicated, that can fuck our shit up a lot more.

Check out 'abreactions' sometime. I've had a couple of my own just doing self-hypnosis. I've had my eyelids pop open at stupid times, like when I meditate, or when I was in the shower using shampoo, or when I'm asleep, because apparently something inside me felt the need to check if they were still too heavy to open.

The weird thing is that you don't need to go into a full on hypnotic state to get what you want out of the session. The suggestion phase is already a kind of hypnosis. Just suggest to yourself some effect you want to go for, like motivation to finish your homework or for your mood to get better, and eventually it'll happen, and when you do it a few times and succeed, you can do it faster because you already know it's going to work.

Full on trance is kind of a weird thing. Think about all the times a day you might have a negative or self-destructive thought, some dark impulse of some kind; now do you want to let those things have possible suggestive power on their own? You can kind of work those things around to suggest a mutation of such impulses to more constructive things, and your inner shouts will get hippy dippy for a while, but the negativity can still creep up.

Plus, I've found that you have to keep reinforcing a trance, but it's never clear just how much it's going to take. The deepness of the trance is a kind of currency you pay for the suspension of disbelief of your suggestions. The farther the command seems like a stretch of truth, the more you will kind of "float up" to regular waking awareness.

Sometimes those impulsive thoughts try to break you out of the trance, as well. If you want to stay deep, or if you want someone else to stay deep, you have to suggest that these impulses will only send you/them further into a trance.

Outside noises and distractions are a motherfucker as well. Chirping birds, contractors across the street using a nail gun on a roofing project, assholes playing music loud as they drive through, any and all can snap someone out of it. You have to kind of prepare for this ahead of time. You can make those things reinforce the trance.

I wouldn't recommend being hypnotized by someone else unless you literally could trust them with your life. Don't let someone make you their zombie.

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