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Sh*t Americans Say
The Game Talks About illuminati Ufo Aliens 2012 and More (truth is scary)
guy rolls away from shooting
GameCenter CX - Episode 132 - Battletoads
Two Kids React to Odd Life of Timothy Green
Virgin Boy Urine Soaked Eggs
Riker scores mad poon
The U.S. is...
Door to door meat scam
Olympic Godzilla
Everybody Apparently Fucking Loathes Raymond
Ed Wood's Sleaze Paperbacks
Man Is Surprisingly Chill About Almost Being Assassinated
Australian bandit taunted police on facebook
The MOST OFFENSIVE thing you can say to an 'Atheist'!?!?
Game Developer Masterpiece
French Bulldog Making Odd Sounds
Primal Rage Fatalities HD
'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'
Snow Leopards Don't Care
Ann Romney: 'We've Given All You People Need To Know'
Duke Nukem Reads Fifty Shades of Gray
Tomorrow, Georgia plans to execute Warren Lee Hill, man with IQ of 65, because SHUT UP
KFC Training Video (1985)
'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer with Pee-wee Herman
Forbidden to have a fursuit
Unwatchable Scene from Wild, Wild West
Brain-dead Teen, only Capapble of Rolling Eyes and Texting, to be Euthenized
Sex House - Meet The Nymphos - Ep. 1
superior angle of the San Diego fireworks 'blunder'
Patton Oswalt - Will Smith's Four-Million-Dollar Wild Wild West Music Number
The Immoveable Earth (more Golden Crocoduck nominees)
Jesus and Niggers
Dotted Lines
Team America theme song
Public Access Santa 2006
Patata chip cookies n' rasins
Duel (1971) complete
How to Correctly Cook a Steak
Giorgio Tsoukalos on Penis Sheaths
Bees in the Trap - Samuel L. Jackson
No, really, pi is wrong: The Tau Manifesto by Michael Hartl
Psychology is NOT a science.
Jew-Hating Elmo is Arrested
Transvaginal Mesh Failure
Boy Terrorized Beyond The Capacity For Rational Thought by Chickens
Science: It's a Girl Thing!
Gelli Baff
Dungeons And Dragons 3 Trailer
Marriage in Plano, TX
This is a 'Front Flip Tailwhip'
Inhumanoids: Decompose transformation
Do 'atheists' know that God exists?
Failed Musician Comes Crawling Back To Hometown
Jesse Goldberg and Bill Flowerree -- The Liberals Keep Running Away
Lazy ass dog won't move
'You're not Special' - High School Commencement Speech
Mitt Romney Struggles To Identify A Chocolate Doughnut
What does Satanism mean to you?
Atheism Sucks!
Fish on a treadmill.
A TON Of Game Stop Dumpster Finds!
Toddler thinks goats are dogs.
The North will Reduce Them to Ashes Quick as a Flash
Man Protests Only Getting 20 Pieces of Fried Fish
World's Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)
Me burning my bachelor's degree
Author Mike Birbiglia on NPR
Schticky Infomercial 'Outtakes'
Beavis and Butt-Head: Avi Buffalo - What's In It For?
Royal Navy Field Gun Competition
Man skips backwards to safety
Chinese Girl Falls Through Sidewalk
The Simpsons -- Game of Couches
Veggies are sexy
A Massive Solar Flare in Slow-Motion
Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number
The Twilight Zone: Small Talent For War
Lyrebird doing his thing
What 300 Calories Look Like
Obsessives: Seeds
Who Will Die When The SHTF
Stephen Fry hangs out with woman with awesome case of Tourette's Syndrome
Overweight guy asks the internet for help
Andrew Breitbart is Dead at 43
Ulillillia adds up numbers
GloZell Does the Cinnamon Challenge
Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer
Game Betas - Punch Out 2
Liberals sure do love to see babies die
Russian woman twirls swords to Nerevar Rising
shove the fucking ipad up your motherfucking arse you motherfucking fucking fuck
Miss Universe 1997 Final Question Round
My Pussy Feels Like Jesus
Whitney Houston talks about drugs with Diane Sawyer
Bruce McCall - Nostalgia for a future that never happened
MMA security guard
GOOMF: Eli Manning Asks Dad If He Can Stop Playing Football Now

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