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Bill Maher: America is Michael Jackson
Vanilla Mood - Like a Rolling Stone
Grains of War
Kitten Mayhem
Pigs Wear Blue
Sultans of Swing
We Will Rock You - Max Raabe (Queen cover)
I Fought the Law
Pulling Mussels (From A Shell)
We Have Come To Bless The House
Walk Like a Man
I Can See Clearly Now
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Brand New Lover
CCR - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
Elton John - Levon (Live, 2007)
Spoon - The under dog
Brief clip of Patton Oswalt live
Portland Hipsters on Judge Mathis
Nice Ping Pong ball video
Conker's Bad Fur Day - The Great Mighty Poo
Arrested development - with club sauce
Starship Troopers - Citizen Rule
Volcano Surfing wipeout
Gregorius - NMKY
Romeo x Juliet - trailer
Devo - Whip It
Fear Factory - Replica
Public Enemy: "Fight the Power" (with full intro)
Dexys Midnight Runners - This is What She's Like
Starship - We Built This City (resub)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Anime
Trailer for Incubus (1965) video
The Lovemakers - Shake That Ass
Shadow the Hedgehog trailer
The Dubliners - Whiskey in the Jar
South Park - String of unfunny Family Guy "remember when" references
Arrested Development - The Seaward
All Manhunt Deaths
Jem-The Fan
ESPN: Top Ten Most Unsportsmanlike Moments
Zero Wing Intro
Adult Swim - How's my Favorite Sith?
Babe The Dog

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