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Rand Paul says a few things that everyone on this site will like
How to piss in public (nsfw)
Anthony Weiner at Congressional Correspondents' Dinner
Parks and Recreation: The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
Delaware DOT removes a basketball hoop
NMAtv: NFL lockout
Bad Santa - Bernie Mac Negotiates
Aki Ra defusing a landmine by hand.
Fox News vs. Amsterdam
Chris Elliott: Television Miracle
Steel Collar Man intro
Carl Sagan on atoms, the googol, and the googolplex
Scooby Doo and the gang meet El Hadji Diouf
Light bulb filament
Biking through Valparaíso
The President's Speech
For The Record - Jesus Never Born.
GO!!! For ten minutes
Larry Griswold on the Frank Sinatra Show
TFL Bill: What Happens If ??? 40 degree Pole Shift
Cat Burglar
Orpah Winfrey narrates Snooki getting punched in the face.
robot band playing rock lobster
Newscaster suffers a slip-up at the grammys
We got ants in the microwave!
Kids in the Hall - Billy Dreamer
Re: F*** you, Gumby!
'Skin gun' capable of healing severe burns in a matter of hours
VCR into Cash
Chris Matthews Rips Tea Party Express Co-Founder Sal Russo
Sausage, pork, beef, cheese, whole milk, butter, margarine, nuts, and...
Waiting for Mary
Non-Alignment Pact
A Brief History of the Future
Stormy Weather - The Riverboat Scene
String On A Stick
Drive Angry - Official Trailer
A mystery: Why can't we walk straight?
One of the Best Plays in NFL History, with new soundtrack
'Jared Lee Loughner is a hero'
Klan rally/recruitment video new albany
pua attempt 12-3-2010
Joburg Jam
Sweet Pickles Bus Commercial
Stroke Guy Reviews Revenge of the Sith
Excited penguin
Death of a Clown
Walks of Life - Cyriak
Interview With A Hand Model
Metrodome Collapses
The least effective commercial I have ever seen.
Top Pocket Man
I just became a really big fan of will smith
SCTV: The Merv Griffith Show
My cat is afraid of the vacuum cleaner
Seinfeld - Vandelay Industries
Good Table Manners Can Save Your Life
The Herculoids Intro (1967)
The Simpsons - Milhouse plays Frisbee for ten minutes
Way to go dudes!
We All Love Peanut Butter
Classic telenovela moment.
Orca (1977)
Alexis Courage
Landslide Swallows Brazilian Port
Tim and Charlie sell their piece of paper
Naked Russian Guy Jumps on Cars and Gets into Fights
Hot new dance craze from the south
Norm MacDonald tells a joke about a moth
A Different World - Racism at Hillman College
Thomas Jefferson in our current time cycle.
The House Carpenter
chet atkins--yakety axe
The New Republican Feminism = HOT CHICKS!
Ant Music
A Charming Man Smiles
Cameo - Shake Your Pants
Brotha tells Racist story from his childhood
Redlettermedia - Trailer for the latest review
Is that chocolate or poop?
Butter of '69
Scenes from Belly of the Beast
90-year-old man recounts a remarkable experience he had in WWII
Stroke Guy reviews Star Trek (2009)
A curious stroboscopic effect
Disney BLAM! - Chef Donald
Paul Hogan's Australian Tourism Ad
Shamisen Vs. Tap
Been Had Snacks
Touch N Brush
Cami Secret: Controllable Cleavage
DJ Pogo/Fagottron: Toyz Noize
Colbert calls out Laura Ingraham to her face; has huge balls
Can of Spaghettios Monologue

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