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Billy Buttsex

Suspension through: 0000-00-00
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TaEAS, GJ: Doo Dah Doo Doo
Tom & Jerry: Jewish Conspiracy
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
Rats infest NYC KFC/Taco Bell
A man rides in on a unicycle and plays a digeridoo for some strangers
Revenge Soup Nuts
Shakes VS Plates
George Takei responds to Tim Hardaway
Hags on Wally George
samwell - what what (in the butt)
Chechen Sufists Performing Dhikr
Royal Trux - Balls to Pass
1/2 Hour News Hour - Limbaugh/Coulter
hocus pocus by Focus (resubmit)
Rappy McRapperson - Fanny Pack (REPOST)
Family Auto Mart!
The Infinite Mind in Second Life with Kurt Vonnegut
Kung-Fu Clowns
Silent Night, Deadly Night
The Knife
The End of the Show
Pork + Bullets = Hell -- How to End the Jihad
The Final Blog of Daxflame...?
For Kate I Wait
Richard Dawkins on Paula Zahn Now
Optician With A Temper
Don't smoke or Superman will kill you
Jack Cafferty bitchslaps Wolf Blitzer
Litvack - Carmen Sandiego Theme
The Litvack Family - Kokomo
Todd Snider - You Got Away With It (A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers)
Star Trek Meets Monty Python
Jackasses wonder, "What would it be like if Gilbert Gottfried was on McGuiver?"
Eagles Fly on IYI
Armand Van Helden - Into Your Eyes
C-Span Prank Calls
Hear N Aid - We're Stars
Garmin GPS Superbowl Commercial
Fuzzy Zoeller's comments on Tiger Woods
Kemonozume - French Kissing
Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet
91-year-old Keg Stand
Released Viral Marketer's Press Conference
The Fall - Telephone Thing
Sex Pistols - Dallas newscast Jan. 1978
House of Pain - Jump Around
Paper Rad - Troll Sighting
Comets on Fire - Antlers of the Midnight Sun
stump - buffalo
Gang of Four: "He'd Send in the Army" (live)
Dead Kennedys: "Bleed for Me" (live)
Starcrash trailer
Case Study: LSD
Alberto Gonzales questions Habeas corpus
Hans! Axel! Von! Fersen!
Horse Pus Explosion
The Bible Says (Re-submit)
Weeds: Masturbation Etiquette
Gilbert Gottfried Dirty Jokes Snippet
Turkmenistan Pledge of Allegiance
Idiocracy - Fox News Report
Shocking Blue - Venus
Eagles of Death Metal - Speaking in Tongues
Doocy Bursts Dr Laura's Bubble
Steven Fishman Deposition - Part 1
People Touching People
Nicolas Cage In The Wicker Man
Just Get There!
Chicken Fried Bacon
A part of our Heritage: Superman
Dance With Me
Horse or Butterfly?
WCW - White Castle of Fear
PETA: Ethical?
Cyriak - Beastenders
Little girl is posessed by the devil
Impossible is the Opposite of Possible
The Snake - 80s drug PSA
Mongolian Throat rockout
The Day Today - Is This Cool?
Bah! Bah! Bah!
The Three Suns - Beyond the Blue Horizon
The Hut Sut Song
The Great Daryl Nathan - Fourth of July
Lab Explosion
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
Traffic Rap
Ask the Fruitcake Lady segment from Jay Leno
Abigal And Brittany Conjoined Twins
Lesson Learned
Jackie Guerrido, Mover of Air
White Mike Johnny Glove - Slip Away
The America Show
Fatties arguing via youtube videos
Operation Ground and Pound
Rosie Ching Chong O'Donnell

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