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Menudo con queso

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The most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
12/18/08, 12:09

The preload image had me thinking it would be a six-foot tall penis-snail. That's worth something.
Dr. McSexymullet: Spastic 80s Striptease
12/17/08, 09:40

"Y-O-U-R," "Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E,"
They're as different as night and day.
Don't you think that night and day are different?
What's wrong with you?
Super-Cool Nonconformist Christian Teens Do Things With White-Hot Intensity
12/16/08, 21:59

Let's start a pool: how many of these kids did the video's producer fuck?
Glen Danzig talks about Jeet Kune Do
12/16/08, 14:17

I don't get it. But I'm happy to note that Danzig getting knocked the fuck out is among the related videos.
Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers
12/12/08, 15:53

At least he wasn't responsible for this unfunny, over-narrated, trite, derivative cartoon.
Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers
12/12/08, 15:27

Around the time this was made, John K (Ren & Stimpy) had an interview in an animation magazine. In it he said that the reason most cartoons since the old school Looney Tunes had sucked was because writers, not animators, had been in charge of them.

Boy, was he right.
Ralph Nader Talks To Parrot
09/19/08, 17:46

Mike Gravel and Nader have proven that the Internet is not in fact a youth medium. The crazy leftist coots are the true masters of post-modern web-surrealism.
Pentecostal Public Access
09/18/08, 15:34

I know exactly how that feels: trying to get the mosh pit started but no one's gutsy enough to join in.
Mattessons smoked pork sausage ad
09/18/08, 13:34

0:08-0:09 even moreso, with a straight-on shot of the urinary meatus (sidenote: I can't believe it's called the "meatus", that it the best fucking thing I've learned all month).
Fungus Cannon
09/17/08, 19:25

It actually is a Money shot: "Nicholas Money, an expert on fungi at Miami University, has been playing around with very fast video. Ultra fast. As in 250,000 frames-a-second fast. He knew exactly what this kind of video was made for. To film fungi that live on dung as they discharge their spores. These tiny fungi can blast spores as far as six feet away, boosting the odds that they’ll land on a clean plant that a cow or other grazing animal may eat. The fungi develop inside the animal, get pooped out with its dung, and fire their spores once more...The fungi fire their spores up to 55 miles an hour–which translates to an acceleration of 180,000 g. Money calls it 'the fastest flight in nature.'"

More at:
Beavis and Butthead- Nosebleed
09/17/08, 14:49

I like this better than the Fight Club scene where Tyler Durden spews blood all over the mob boss.
The Structure of the Mexican Mafia
09/12/08, 17:29

And now it's randomly putting things into boldface.
The Structure of the Mexican Mafia
09/12/08, 17:28

There's a lot more interesting stuff about this guy at

(Delete any spaces that POE puts into the URLs)
Monkey Business
09/11/08, 17:10

Exactly what I needed today.
Top Secret! The Cow Scene
09/11/08, 10:56

Every flying throat kick should be accompanied by a cry of "Vive La France!"
Blazing Saddles - Outakes
09/10/08, 11:42

Wasn't most of this stuff IN the movie? Whatever, 5 stars for live action Looney Tunes done right.
Lone Wolf and Cub kill a bunch of women
09/09/08, 22:21

I can't put my finger on why, but this really reminds me of old school Star Trek for some reason. Maybe it's like Japanese Kirk traveling to the bizarre planet of deadly women...
Losing You Losing You
09/09/08, 14:29

Camera work, tonal harmonies, aesthetics, lyrical brilliance, visuals ...this has to be the best music video ever made.
The Nude Revolution
09/09/08, 14:20

Sam does, however, sound exactly like his voice was done by Stephen Hawking's vocal software.
Noel Gallagher attacked on stage
09/09/08, 13:28

I want to rate this down because when I saw it in the hopper I was thrilled that someone had finally physically walloped that guy who smashes the watermelons. My disappointment was intense.

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