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Menudo con queso

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Three Caballeros - Donald Duck Is Trippin'
08/30/07, 11:01

The Butt Biting Bug
08/30/07, 10:35

I am troubled. And enlightened -- not only was I unaware of butt-biting bugs, but also that they need training/comeback montages.
Muppet Show - Ghost riders in the sky
08/28/07, 16:19

I *hate* being reminded
Muppet Show - Ghost riders in the sky
08/28/07, 16:19

Argh, I being reminded that Disney owns the Muppets now. Can't give Johnny Cash less than 4 stars though.
George W. Bush on Tribal Sovereignty
08/28/07, 01:23

They got three, count 'em, THREE federally recognized tribes in TX. In a state of 21 million people. Compare that with NM or Oklahoma next door. Texas does genocide and barbecue right. And his boys Rick Goodhair Perry and John Cornyn made sure to kidney-punch the Ysleta del Surs and the Alabama Coushattas right the economic-development breadbaskets on behalf Ralph Reed and big Jack Abramoff. This is a mean, ugly world.

Jesus, if anyone needs the two-line word limit back, it's me.
Brave Panda with dry food
08/27/07, 13:07

Hear hear!
Space War
08/26/07, 20:37

Space War
08/26/07, 13:29

Same folks as Superjail?
SWISSPASS 2: Jean Yves is Absolutely Insane
08/25/07, 15:42

Makes me want to say something ridiculously macho and overdramatic like, "Even if he dies doing this, he has truly lived."
Spanking the Pussy
08/24/07, 00:38

Did it do the feet thing too?
CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
08/23/07, 17:35

I'm gonna guess Sao Paulo. I think Brasilia's flatter and more spread out/jet-age modernist. This looks much more megacity like SP (also, um, that's their hometown).
Action Park 1983 TV Commercial
08/23/07, 12:30

I really believe the last guy -- he's got the breathless fear/joy of someone who has just been in death's grip. And the lighting on his face gives him that creepy German Expressionist skullface look.
Lou Dobbs and the SPP
08/22/07, 18:09

I one-star Dobbs cause he's a twat, it's an uncontrollable reflex. I'd stop if I could. But I guess craptacular's the only one who gets hurt, right?
Scene from Vij (Russian horror film)
08/22/07, 00:12

That's not working for me - I'm not finding it. Any other tips?
Lou Dobbs and the SPP
08/21/07, 17:21

From a cunt who spent the 1990s kissing ass to the new gilded age's barons while the rest of us were screaming that it wasn't going to work, all this sounds very hollow.

It was the Mexican alternative and leftist press that was screaming bloody murder about loss of sovereignty for years in the early 90s! Learn to read Spanish sometime jowlface, and you might have clued in earlier. Oh wait, you're tired of being bowled over and stomped on by the all-powerful, unstoppable Mexican government, the juggernaut that controls the world.

Crook-ass Thief-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari altered their fucking revolutionary constitution of 1917 for NAFTA, but Dobbsy Wobbsy was too busy to notice, instead licking the ass of Citibank for buying out Banamex. "Do you think this will finally bring rationality to the Mexican banking system?" was his quote, I think. No! Just like everything else in this scam, it's going fuck even more Mexican workers and force them into the meatpacking plants of North Carolina!

Pobre Mexico, tan lejos de Dios, tan cerca de Lou Dobbs.

Jeez, just like Pegleg I involuntarily churned out a screed of hundreds of words. Hit me with the banhammer before I bloviate again.
Olum Savascisi (Death Warrior) - Final Fight
08/21/07, 14:06

That does it, I'm going to find CŁneyt Arkın and have his baby. It will be born with tan wrinkles and a bouffant helmet.
Chinese miners' family fury
08/21/07, 13:36

That's how you riot against the ruling class, none of this "prayerful, respectful press conference" shit.
Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News
08/21/07, 00:38

My mistaken belief that nothing good ever came out of Houston is proven wrong.
The Duct Tape Bandit
08/16/07, 23:47

Wow, this is the first time I've ever considered wanting to move to Kentucky.
Chevy Chase as Mel Gibson on Law & Order
08/15/07, 15:59

Ach, I remember it so well, those good old holidays when my Aunt Yenta would send me down to the store to buy some Manischewitz brand bombs and matzoh.

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