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Suspension through: 0000-00-00
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Cat Has a New Perch
09/08/09, 23:28

thumbs DOWN!
Cormac McCarthy's The Road: Never Killed a Man
09/06/09, 20:00

meh i've taught the book so i would imagine i have a different opinion than many of you. plus i am active in the cormac mccarthy "community" (as some of you well know) so i would expect my opinions on this to carry a little weight.

in any case it's a book that i've read more than a few times and it doesn't make for a good film no matter how strong of a director or actor gets behind it.
Cormac McCarthy's The Road: Never Killed a Man
09/06/09, 16:23

pretty much what I expected. lots of makeup and digital color correction.

i'm genuinely interested in seeing how bad this film is. all signs point to it being tv movie of the week terrible but judging from this clip maybe the screenplay will manage to keep some of the overwhelming despair of the novel intact.
Revolutionary Girl Utena - 1x01
09/01/09, 16:01

Observe H. sapiens ghettorensis in his natural habitat.
08/30/09, 15:41

old news. dont you people listen to boosie?
08/26/09, 18:52

Cantonese is without a doubt the best language to use in the street.
'Modern Chicken Life Cycle'
08/24/09, 13:43

the part with the chicks was like an overload of adorableness
Mystery on the Three-Minute Rule
08/22/09, 13:48

The teachings of Mystery have been an integral part of my intellectual development. I value the contents of my "Mega pack of Sex ebooks" folder almost as much as my college education.
WWF--Goldust Promo Against Undertaker, Circa 1996
08/21/09, 13:09

I liked it when goldust suffered a blow to the head and as a result developed tourettes.
Gentlemen Broncos - trailer
08/18/09, 13:08

Tarantino's Top 20 Movies Since 1993
08/17/09, 11:30

lol battle royale is his favorite movie

what a dope
Pantsfish is faggot
07/26/09, 14:02

at some point you realistically have to not care
Casino: Nicky gets wacked.
07/20/09, 20:47

fuck you
Glenn Beck: Get Off My Phone (Lose My Mind mix)
07/17/09, 17:22

dumb video

i do watch and enjoy glenn beck though
The Unknown Creature in 4 minutes
07/16/09, 13:35

had hiar all over it's face and it looked like a griller
Popple: Real Cat/Dog hybrid plushie
07/13/09, 15:15

as I grow older my tolerance for animal cruelty is rapidly approaching zero.
Nikki's swollen lips... Help me!
07/05/09, 19:02

if cinema had less quentin tarentino and more franz kafka the world would be a better place
Michael Shermer interviews creationist 'scientist'
06/30/09, 13:47

The Ohio State University
Crossdressing Montage
06/28/09, 14:21

Artie Lange's now infamous Joe Buck show performance (resubmit)
06/25/09, 16:25

artie lange + joe buck = 1 star

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