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The Growing pains of Adrian Mole - Intro
08/21/08, 02:04

That's amazing! They really encapsulated Britain in the eighties in that one opening titles sequence.
Bernie Mac - Def Comedy Jam
08/16/08, 17:35

I can only make out like 1 in 10 words and this is still hilarious.
Out of Space
08/16/08, 01:04

These guys are WELL WICKED.
Kingdom Hearts 2- Goofy Dies
08/16/08, 00:55

Holy shit.
'Bob's Game' for Nintendo DS
08/16/08, 00:51

The "Warning: game may not exist" thing needs a little qualification. Basically, Bob's been creating threads on pretty much every games forum there is to drum up support for his game. It seems to be working, but a number of people hae pointed out that the Youtube clip isn't what it first appears.

Notice the edit before the pull back at 3:04. It looks a lot like he's filmed the game footage on a monitor, before jump cutting to a close-up of his DS.

The screen the game footage is displayed on seems to curve like a monitor screen would, while the DS at the end does not. Also, why isn't there any footage of the bottom screen? It looks a lot like he's just knocked something up in flash or something like that and then filmed it off his computer.

Bob hasn't responded to any of this, and he's also ignored offers from industry insiders who want to play his game (in fact, according to Bob NO-ONE has played the game in its 5 years of development). So, the general picture that's emerging that Bob is batshit insane.
Pilobolus on Conan
08/15/08, 19:53

This is neat, but it seems like you spend most of the time watching them get set up. Needs to be tighter, I guess!
The Wonderful Worlds of Nestle's Chuckie
08/15/08, 19:49

What the hell is wrong with Miguel's face?
Woman kicks man in the crotch thrice.
08/15/08, 02:09

He never asked his boss for a raise again.
08/15/08, 02:02

That is an AUSTRALIAN accent

one star for that comment
Lame Video Game Endings II
08/15/08, 01:58

I actually played through to the end of Bad Street Brawler simply because that game was so hilarious. It becomes a lot easier once you realise you can actually just walk past all the enemies and go straight to the boss in every level.
Simpsons Arcade Intro
08/15/08, 01:38

When I was 7 me and my friends thought Homer's hobby of'Bowlin' a big one' was the height of comedy.
Disney test for animated version of 'Where the wild things are'
08/13/08, 06:56

It's a nice little curio, but I can't really see this being all that great a film. I think they were right to hang on.
Dick's Views On Men Vs. Women
08/11/08, 04:09

He is kind of gay.
Last Time in Clerkenwell
08/08/08, 06:00

What you said

Also, what
Shaolin Soccer - Singing and Dancing
08/05/08, 07:27

This is the best translation of this film. CALL POLICE!
Bad Dudes intro (1988 NES)
08/05/08, 00:15

Man, Duke Nukem has a weird voice.
Julian Lennon on his father, John Lennon
07/24/08, 08:39

This is also Goro Miyazaki's stance on Hayao. Funny that they both ended up following in their father's footsteps, even though neither one shows any particular talent in their respective field.
Chinese MC Hammer
07/24/08, 00:18

Joel Schumacher apologizes for Batman and Robin
07/23/08, 13:08

I love the 60's Batman, but Joel Schumacher's film doesn't look like anyone working on it thought they were making something they'd like to see. Also I don't remember but in terms of box office I think he got his ass handed to him, so it didn't do it's job in that respect. It was enough for the bosses to take him off the franchise and put the series on hiatus, anyway.

Oh yeah, and St. Elmo's Fire can go and eat a dick, too.
Duke Nukem Trilogy - Trailer
07/17/08, 14:03

It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and he's all out of gum. And ass. And pretty much everything except logos and a youtube clip of a bomb going off.

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